Recent Projects

Toxicité, transformation et transport de nanoparticles manufactures dans les sols: nouvelles approaches en matière de detection et de caractérisation des risques environnementaux

Principal Investigator: S. Ghoshal
Co-Investigator: N.Tufenkji
Funding: NSERC Strategic Grant / $668,220

Understanding game based approaches for improving sustainable water governance

Principal Investigator: J. Adamowski
Partners: Delft University of Technology; University of Waterloo; Wageningen University; Cornell University
Funding: SSHRC PDG / $200,000

Evaluation of bacterial and archaeal DNA for optimizing N-fertilizer applications in maize agroecosystems in Quebec

Principal Investigator: N. Tufenkji
Co-Investigators: K. Wilkinson, J. Whalen, W. Hendershot and G. Sunahara
Funding: MDEIE PSR-SIIRI / $579,000

Les biopores des vers de terre transportent-ils l’azote et le phosphore provenant des champs agricoles vers les lacs au Québec?

Principal Investigator: S. Ghoshal
Co-Investigator: N. Tufenkji

Environmental risks of engineered nanoparticles in municipal biosolids applied to agricultural lands

Principal Investigator: J.K. Whalen
Co-Investigator: C.A. Madramootoo
Funding: FQRNT Team Grant  / $129,000

Fate of titanium oxide, zinc oxide and silica nanoparticles in municipal waste water treatment plants

Principal Investigator: S. Ghoshal
Co-Investigators: J. Whalen, N. Tufenkji, Y. Comeau, K. Wilkinson, C. Langford. Supporting organizations: City of Calgary, Environment Canada, Perkin Elmer, Brace Centre, SNC Lavalin Environment
Funding: Canadian Water Network / $170,000

Effects of agricultural water management systems on greenhouse gas emissions in Eastern Canada

Principal Investigator: S. Ghoshal
Co-Investigators: N.Tufenkji, K. Wilkinson
Funding: Environment Canada  / $100,000

Managing agricultural systems to protect Canada’s freshwater

Principal Investigator: C. Madramootoo
Co-Investigator: J. Whalen
Funding: Agriculture & Agri-Food, Canada Agricultural Greenhouse Gases Program / $1,999,710

CREATE training program in Green Chemistry

Principal Investigator: C. Madramootoo
Funding: NSERC Strategic / $469,647

Understanding the potential for groundwater contamination as a result of shale gas exploitation, St. Lawrence Basin, Quebec

Principal Investigator: C.J. Li
Co-Investigators: J. Nicell, S. Ghoshal
Funding: NSERC Collaborative Research and Training Experience (CREATE) / $1,650,000

Effets des conditions hivernales au Québec sur la virulence, la survie et le transport des microorganisms pathogènes et sur les risques associés aux eaux potables

Principal Investigator: J. McKenzie
Co-Investigator: T. Gleeson
Funding: FQRNT Team Grant / $111,000

NSERC Canadian FloodNet

Principal Investigator: N. Tufenkji
Co-investigator: S. Ghoshal
Funding: FQRNT Team Grant / $180,000

Principal Investigator: P. Coulibaly at McMaster and 20 others; VTV Nguyen one of the five theme leaders
Funding: NSERC Strategic Networks / $5,000,000