Committee on Sustainability


(as of  Oct. 6, 2022)

End of Term
Ms. Maryse Bertrand, Chair, Board of Governors, ex officio  
Prof. Christopher Manfredi, Interim Principal and Vice-Chancellor, ex officio  
Mr. Stuart Cobbett, Chair June 30, 2026
Mr. Gerald Butts June 30, 2023
Mr. Ken Dryden June 30, 2025
Ms. Kathy Fazel June 30, 2025
Ms. Marie Giguère June 30, 2026
Dr. Lucy Gilbert June 30, 2025
Mr. Fred Headon June 30, 2025
Mr. Réal Laporte June 30, 2026
TBD (student)  

Senior Steward

Prof. Yves Beauchamp, Vice-Principal (Administration and Finance)

Special Advisor

Prof. Fabrice Labeau, Co-Acting Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic)

Secretary & Governance Advisor

Ms. Edyta Rogowska


Terms of Reference of the Committee on Sustainability


The Committee on Sustainability (“Committee”) is established under the authority of and is accountable to the Board of Governors (the “Board”) of McGill University (the “University”), and shall function as stipulated in these terms of reference and the Regulations of the Committees of the Board of Governors of McGill University (the “Regulations”). In accordance with the Regulations, meetings of Board Committees shall be held in closed session unless the Committee resolves to carry out a meeting or part of a meeting in open session.

1. Composition

a. Other than ex-officio members, appointments to the Committee are approved by the Board, normally on the recommendation of the Nominating, Governance and Ethics Committee.

b. The Committee shall consist of seven to nine voting members, exclusive of ex officio members, selected, as indicated below, from among the following categories of membership:

i. Board members and Governors Emeriti:

- Three from among:

- At-large members of the Board (at least one);

- Alumni Association members of the Board:

- Governors Emeriti.

- Three from among

       - Academic Staff or Senate members of the Board;

       - Administrative and Support Staff members of the Board;

       - Student members or observers of the Board.

ii. Members of the general public:

- At least one and up to three additional members of the general public with expertise in sustainability, climate, the environment or a related field.

c. The Chair of the Board and the Principal shall serve as ex officio members of the Committee.

d. The Chair of the Committee shall be appointed by the Board, normally on the recommendation of the Nominating, Governance and Ethics Committee.

e. The Committee may recommend the appointment of a Vice-Chair of the Committee, who shall be appointed by the Board, normally on the recommendation of the Nominating, Governance and Ethics Committee.

f. The Vice-Principal (Administration and Finance) shall serve as the Senior Steward to the Committee.

g. The Secretary-General or her/his delegate shall serve as Secretary and governance advisor to the Committee.

h. The Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic) shall serve as the Special Advisor to the Committee.

i. Where necessary or appropriate to facilitate and support the business of the Committee, the Secretary or the Senior Steward may invite University staff to serve as resource persons for particular items of business before the Committee at a meeting.

2. Mandate of the Committee

Taking due regard of the mission of the University and the Board’s stewardship role with respect to sustainability, the Committee shall assist the Board in setting and achieving institutional priorities and goals, and in monitoring progress in the area of sustainability.

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Committee shall have functions delegated by the Board and functions subject to the authority of the Board, as follows:

2.1 Functions delegated by the Board of Governors

a. Review and assess key performance indicators established to support the realization of institutional targets and objectives related to sustainability;

b. Provide general oversight of the University’s compliance with regional, national and international declarations and accords of which the University is a signatory;

c. Consider the economic, environmental and social impacts of the activities carried out by or on behalf of the University in order to guide decision-making;

d. Review and approve for submission to the Board, on at least an annual basis, a report on sustainability;

e. Undertake studies on questions or best practices relating to sustainability;

f. Consider other matters pertaining to sustainability that may be referred to the Committee by the Board, another Board standing Committee, the Principal, the Vice-Principal (Administration and Finance) or the Secretary-General;

g. Make recommendations to the senior administration on operational matters impacting sustainability goals and priorities;

h. Periodically invite University bodies or Board standing committees to report on matters regarding sustainability planning, development and stewardship.

2.2 Functions subject to the authority of the Board of Governors

a. Review and recommend to the Board institutional policies, plans and strategies relating to sustainability.

3. General provisions

a. The Committee shall meet at least three times during the year. The Committee shall have a calendar of business, maintained by the Secretary-General or delegate, for the purpose of ensuring that each meeting agenda addresses responsibilities as outlined in these terms of reference.

b. The Committee shall report to the Board on a regular basis, and within a reasonable time following a Committee meeting.

c. The Committee shall review its terms of reference at least once every five years and recommend any changes to the Board’s Nominating, Governance and Ethics Committee.


Last Revised:

Revised: Executive Committee on August 29, 2022

Approved: Board of Governors December 5, 2019


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