Excellence Award

These awards recognize excellent performance in the BME graduate programme. The number of awards will vary from year to year. They are a one-time award of $10 000.

The call for applications is made during the summer by email to the departmental mailing list.

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o   Any student in good standing is eligible except those currently holding a recruitment award, CIHR award, NSERC award, FQRNT award or any other award of 10k and more + tuition fees payable for that year (e.g. for a student paying $2500 tuition fees, the limit is $12500).

o   selection will be based on:

            - Overall excellence
            - Performance in BME program
            - Grades
            - Progress in project
            - Publications (number and quality, student's role in publication)
            - Need for funds

The application has two parts - a free form document and a letter from the supervisor.

The application document should contain:
o   1pg CV (incl. list of selected recent awards & main publications)
o   1pg project description with emphasis on accomplishments
o   transcripts from BME program (do not need to be official),
o   copies of all BME meeting reports

Format and deadline:
o  The application form should be completed in 12pt Times New Roman font, 0.75in margins, with all documents listed above merged into a single PDF file
o  The pdf should be named "LASTNAME-FIRSTNAME-ExcellenceAward.pdf"
o  The pdf should be sent to info.bme [at] mcgill.ca with a subject line: “LASTNAME-FIRSTNAME Excellence Award”
o  Applications that don't comply with the application rules, e.g. submitting a CV with more than 1 pg, may be disqualified.

o  Deadline for application is end of June (exact deadline to be posted at a later date) 

Letter from supervisor:
o   a letter of support is required from the supervisor, and should be sent by email to info.bme [at] mcgill.ca with a subject line: "LASTNAME-FIRSTNAME Excellence reference"

o   the letter is to be sent (by email) separately from the rest of the application
o   the email should originate from a mcgill account

o   deadline for the letter of reference is end of June (exact deadline to be posted at a later date) 

Other timing details:

o   any application received after the deadline will not be considered
o   the fellowship committee will meet in July or August
o   results will be announced by end of August.          
o   payments will start mid to end of September