Dr. Henrietta Galiana Travel Award in Biomedical Engineering

Devoted to Students

In honour of Dr. Henrietta “Mimi” Galiana’s devotion to student well-being, the Department of Biomedical Engineering has established the Dr. Henrietta Galiana Travel Award in Biomedical Engineering. This bursary provides stipends to graduate students in Biomedical Engineering to attend their first scientific conference in their thesis area.

About Dr. "Mimi" Galiana

Mimi, former Chair of the Department of BME and Professor Emerita following her retirement, has made significant contributions to the newly emerging fields of modern neuroscience with her research on data processing of eye movement reflexes, and modelling of reflexes with neural networks. Biomimetic strategies based on her research on biological systems associated with vision are advancing control of robotic arms and heads in man-made and living organisms. She is also co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of NeuroFlex (formerly Saccade Analytics), a startup built on Mimi’s 30+ years of research.

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