BioPortal at CIUSSS Centre-Ouest is a bio-banking program that is dedicated to conducting research on a range of diseases.

With the help of participants, we aim to collect, store, and combine collections of samples and data.

Contribute to Improving Clinical Care

By providing genetic information, BioPortal aims to ultimately improve clinical care. Our team of researchers will use this information to better understand risk factors and causes of diseases. Our goal is to prevent diseases, predict which medications will work best in certain patients, and determine which treatments should be used.

Protecting Your Confidentiality

We take the protection of your confidentiality seriously. That's why we work to protect it throughout the entire process. If you agree to be re-contacted for future research, you may be asked to participate in a future research study, but are under no obligation to participate.

Track Your Data with Ongoing Consent

At BioPortal, we believe in ongoing consent. That's why you will have the ability to view the institutions and/or researchers that have received de-identified BioPortal data and samples through the shared data tab.

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