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August 4, 2021. When To Stop Hoping For a COVID-19 Miracle Cure

June 24, 2021.  Can Botox ease depression by eliminating frowns? Researchers have doubts

June 7, 20121.  After 600 emergency use authorizations for COVID, experts worry the FDA has gone too far

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April 29, 2021. Ethical Considerations Before Launching a Clinical Cancer Trial. The ASCO Post

January 18, 2021. COVID-19 : Quel bilan tirer des prépublications scientifiques? Radio Canada

December 20, 2020. De nouveaux écueils sur la route des vaccins. La Presse

December 3, 2020. 6 Ways the Coronavirus Pandemic Changed Science. Discover Magazine

November 21, 2020. ‘People of poorer nations have moral claim to be at the front of the queue when vaccines arrive’. Open the Magazine

November 10, 2020. Lost in the Pfizer press release that vaccine is 90% effective: ‘Percentage may vary’. National Post

October 28, 2020. When it comes to COVID-19 vaccines, how good will be good enough?. National Post

October 7, 2020. Trump's COVID-19 antibody cocktail is promising but untested. Financial Post 

October 1, 2020. S’infecter délibérément pour la science. La Presse

September 16, 2020. Rush to approve Covid vaccine prompted by politics may end in disaster. Chemistry World

September 14, 2020. Scientists relieved as coronavirus vaccine trial restarts — but question lack of transparency. nature

September 14, 2020. Challenge trials face too many ethical and logistical hurdles to go forward, experts say. The Hill Times

September 12, 2020. Keeping accurate lists of COVID in schools not 'mission impossible': parent. Montreal Gazette

September 9, 2020. A leading coronavirus vaccine trial is on hold: scientists react. nature

August 26, 2020. Is the rush to roll out a coronavirus vaccine undermining safety? New Scientist

July 7, 2020. The Pandemic Is Pushing Scientists To Rethink How They Read Research Papers. NPR

June 21, 2020. Racialized groups in Canada will ‘lose’ in the post-pandemic economy. Experts aren’t surprised. Global News 

June 13, 2020. "Ergebnisse sollten nicht gleich für alle Welt freigegeben werden". Zeit Online

May 30, 2020. Should B.C. remain an outlier when it comes to releasing locations of COVID-19 cases? CBC News

May 29, 2020. Hva feiler det koronaforskningen? MORGENBLADET

May 26, 2020. How we make decisions during a pandemic. Knowable Magazine

May 25, 2020. Coronavirus pandemic exposing health inequities among Canadians, experts say. Global News

May 24, 2020. Stanford coronavirus research: Did politically-motivated scientists hype their speedy study? Mercury News

May 21, 2020. Florida knew a COVID-19 pandemic was likely. State leaders didn’t warn the public. Miami Herald

May 15, 2020. COVID-19's devastating toll on families in Montreal's poorest neighbourhoods. CBC News

May 14, 2020. Ethics questions swirl around historic Parkinson’s experiment. STAT 

May 13, 2020. A New Look at the Dose-Response Relationship in Phase 1 Oncology Trials. Cancer Therapy Advisor

May 3, 2020. Inside the extraordinary race to invent a coronavirus vaccine. The Washington Post 

April 30, 2020.  Gare à l’infection volontaire. La Presse

April 29, 2020. Quebec and Ontario are hardest hit by coronavirus. Why are their reopening plans different? Global News

April 26, 2020. En kris är ingen ursäkt för sänkta krav på forskning. Dagens Nyheter

April 24, 2020. Die Gefahren einer allzu hektischen Covid-19-Forschung. DER TAGESSPIEGEL

April 24, 2020. Stop Getting So Excited About ‘Preliminary’ Findings. WIRED 

April 23, 2020. Forschung im Eiltempo - kann das gut gehen? DER SPIEGEL

April 23, 2020. La crise n’est pas une raison pour assouplir les normes scientifiques et éthiques, selon des experts. Le Devoir

April 23, 2020. Attention aux dérives de la recherche clinique, disent des chercheurs. CBC Radio Canada

April 23, 2020. Alertan de la baja calidad de numerosos estudios sobre el coronavirus. El Mundo


April 16, 2020. 'We have a whole globe to protect': Pandemic vaccine research speeds up. CBC News

April 15, 2020. The race for a COVID-19 vaccine. CBC The National

April 6, 2020. Reporting COVID-19 numbers in small communities. CBC Quebec AM

March 28, 2020. New clinical trials bring potential COVID-19 treatments to North Texas. Dallas News

March 26, 2020. WHO Malaria Vaccine ‘Rollout’ In Africa Raises Ethical Questions. Clinical Research News

March 16, 2020. What are the rules of social distancing?. Vox

March 11, 2020. Researchers rush to test coronavirus vaccine in people without knowing how well it works in animals. STAT News

February 27, 2020. WHO’s malaria vaccine study represents a “serious breach of international ethical standards. BMJ

February 2020. She Didn't Want a Pelvic Exam. She Received One Anyway. New York Times

December 19, 2019. Could CRISPR babies experiment have been made public earlier?, NewScientist

December 12, 2019. Miracle Cancer Drugs Are Making Big Pharma Billions. Others Are Getting Left Behind, Bloomberg 

December 1, 2019. Why Texas must ban non-consensual pelvic exams [Opinion], Houston Chronicle

November 6, 2019. In Hunting for Cures, Ethics Can Strengthen Clinical Trials, Carnegie Mellon News

September 25, 2019. The potent effects of Japan’s stem-cell policies, Nature

September 9, 2019. Animal registries aim to reduce bias, Nature

September 9, 2019. Stem Cell Hype, Chemistry World

April 30, 2019. Crispr Babies Vs. ‘Bubble Boy’: Only One Was About the Patient, Bloomberg Opinion

April 12, 2019. The study of a cancer test seemed like a triumph. But some data were missing, STAT News

December 12, 2018. Unconfirmed exploratory trials after approvals may cause too much off-label prescribing, STAT News

November 28, 2018. When Clinical Trials Are Marketing Ploys, Not Science, FORBES

October 22, 2018. Statisticians asked to remove, ignore data to aid researchers: study, CTV News

October 13, 2018. When scientists want their data fudged and why you should care, CBC

October 4, 2018. Les cobayes de Sainte-Justine, Des chercheurs ont bâclé une étude clinique sur des enfants, Radio Canada

August 27, 2018. In Psychology And Other Social Sciences, Many Studies Fail The Reproducibility Test, 91.3WESM

June 6, 2018. Warning: Don’t Try This Biohacking at HomeBloomberg

April 29, 2018. 'Synthetic' human embryos are on the horizon, but ethics surrounding them are complicated, National Post

April 25, 2018, Cancer centers sell out science when they advertise clinical trials as treatment. STAT

April 16 2018. Are Clinical Trials Being Oversold to Cancer Patients?, Med Scape

April 13, 2018, Study questions animal efficacy data behind trials, Science

April 5, 2018, Clinical trials may be based on flimsy animal data, Science

March 26, 2018, Mom fears losing access to experimental drug that helped daughter after study ends, National Post

February 20, 2018, New study raises questions about early-stage cancer therapies for children, STAT News

February 19, 2018, Mice are mini-humans and the moon is made of cheese, The Medical Republic.

January 16, 2018, Biggest Hits – PLOS Biology in the Media in 2017, PLoS, 

January 23, 2018, Scientists Don’t Fear a New Crispr Snag, Bloomberg News

January 22, 2018. How well can you predict the outcome of clinical trials? Not as well as you may think, STAT

January 20, 2018. Should we let the crowd fund Canadian science if no one else will?, CBC News

August 14, 2017. Abortion access in Nova Scotia among worst in Canada: advocates, The Globe and Mail

July 4, 2017. Scientists Are Not So Hot at Predicting Which Cancer Studies Will Succeed, NPR

June 29, 2017. Cancer scientist may overestimate reliability of mouse studies, Reuters

May 5, 2017. Stem Cell Trial Data Mostly Go Unpublished, The Scientist

March 2, 2017. Analysis: The ethics of safe injection, CTV Montreal

February 8, 2017. Why opioid overdose deaths seem to happen in spurts, CNN

January 30, 2017. After trial death and before Trump change, a call for drug approval reform, CNN

January 30, 2017. Des essais cliniques inutiles, La Presse

January 13, 2017. Questionable “Young Blood” Transfusions Offered in U.S. as Anti-Aging Remedy, MIT Technology Review

December 8, 2016. A Death and Other Adverse Events in French Drug Trial Raise Questions About Testing Safety and Ethics, Neurology Today

November 2, 2016. Researcher challenges the idea of scientific neutrality at UCLA talk, Daily Bruin

October 2016. From “Personalized” to “Precision” Medicine: The Ethical and Social Implications of Rhetorical Reform in Genomic Medicine, Hastings Centre Report.

September 24, 2016. Des effets secondaires des médicaments restent absents des publications scientifiques, Le Devoir

August 30, 2016. Nick King and colleagues ask "Has the Increase in Disability Insurance Participation Contributed to Increased Opioid-Related Mortality?” in Annals of Internal Medicine.”

August 1, 2016. Brunswick woman taking gamble that stem cells will restore vision, Portland Press Herald

July 12, 2016. Is Most Clinical Research Useless?, Canadian Medical Association Journal

March 22, 2016 After Infecting Pregnant Monkey With Zika, Scientists Wait for Backlash. KQED Science

October 14, 2015. How 74 years of flawed experiments ‘hampered’ cancer fight. The Scotsman

October 13, 2015. Poorly designed animal experiments in the spotlight. Nature

Interview with Jonathan Kimmelman:  Patient-funded clinical trials may do more harm than good.... The Current (CBC), August 14, 2015.

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