Instruments & Equipment

We have direct or indirect access to the most up-to-date equipment in the field of biomaterials research. For anyone outside this lab wishing to use equipment in our lab, please submit a request to maryam.tabrizian [at]  

Note: Technician fees are applicable when lab member operates the equipment. Due to current restrictions, we are currently not allowing external users within the lab. A technician fee is now applicable to all external users who ship their samples to us, which will be included in the total equipment run time cost. 


Equipment Cost * Modality of Use Location
AFM $50 / hr By technician  Genome
UltraCentrifuge  $5 / hr Training required 
Microplate Reader  $25 / hr Training required 
Impedance Analyzer $50 / run By lab member 
Plasma Etch $25 / hr Training required 
Freeze Dryer/Lyophilizer $3 / hr Training required 
NTA  $50 / hr By lab member 
QCM-D $50 / hr Training required 
Spin coater $25 / hr Training required 
SPR imaging  $50 / hr By lab member 
HPLC $50 / hr By lab member (currently under maintenance)
Zeta Potential $25 / hr Training required 
Fluorescent Microscope $50 / hr Training required 

UV Spectrophotometer 

$50 / hr Training required 

*Usage fees may be waived depending on the level of collaboration

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