BMDE 504 : Biomaterials and Bioperformance

Prof: Maryam Tabrizian

E-mail: maryam.tabrizian [at]

Telephone: 514-398-8129

Office: Duff 313

Office Hrs: By appointment

Restriction: Graduate and final-year undergraduate students from physical, biological and medical science, and engineering


Biomedical Engineering: Biological and synthetic biomaterials, medical devices, and the issues related to their bioperformance. The physicochemical characteristics of biomaterials in relation to their biocompatibility and sterilization.

During the last century, interest in biomaterials has grown from mere curiosity to routine clinical use, saving lives and improving the quality of life for millions of people. Today, biomaterials and medical devices are a $100 billion industry.

This course will cover many fundamental areas such as:

  • An overview of the biomaterials field (definitions, etc.)
  • The current status of the biomaterials field
  • The properties of biomaterials that make them useful in medical (and clinical) applications
  • The challenges within the field
  • New trends and future prospectives

The course is designed in the form of lectures and seminars for each topic, with the focus on emerging technologies, including the role of biomaterials in tissue engineering, controlled-release systems and minimally-invasive diagnostic tools.

Please note:

  • The total number of hours is 39.
  • Each lecture will last three hours: divided in two 1h1/2 (including 15 minutes break)
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