Belcan Weather Data

The following data was collected from a weather station (codename Herbie ), located in the plot right infront of Belcan Research Center in Montreal. The data was continuously collected from May onwards (up to present date) at an interval of 10 minutes.The data that is shown in the excel file contains information about light intensity, temperature, relative humidity, precipitation, wind speed, gust speed and wind direction. Please click on the hyperlink to gain access to the excel file.

Belcan Weather Data 2010 [.csv]

Belcan Weather Data 2013 [.csv]

The following pictures are graphs showing the change in the amount of precipitation and temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation and wind speed over the time period.

Rain and Temperature:

Temperature and Precipitation Data
Relative Humidity:

Relative Humidity Data
Solar Radiation:

Solar Radiation Data
Wind Speed:

Wind Speed Data

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