Winter 2021 In-Person Teaching

Winter 2021 In-Person Teaching: Preparation and Some Reminders

Dear Students,

As announced, McGill will be gradually rolling out opportunities for in-person instruction in selected courses. Your course instructor will be notifying you if your course was selected. They will also let you know when on-campus instruction starts (as soon as they know themselves), and they will try to get some idea how many students are interested in the on-campus opportunity. Attendance on campus is optional, and a remote, online alternative will be offered. In-person activities have been planned so that the teaching space and building meet public health requirements. Throughout the term, we will follow all public health protocols and University directives.

Some important points to consider for in-person activity:

  • Before attending any in-person activity on campus you are asked to review the University’s Directives to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 on Campus. Please also view the prevention videos found on that website.
  • Before attending any in-person activity on campus you must review the screening questions found here: You must not come to campus if you answered “yes” to any of the screening questions.
  • If you have symptoms of Covid-19 or a positive COVID-19 test result please use the COVID-19 Reporting Process Tool to determine next steps.
  • Please bring your McGill ID card to campus for every visit, as it will be required to access the teaching space. McGill buildings are on card access.
  • You will be required to wear a procedural mask at all times when you are in any University buildings, including in classrooms or laboratories. Procedural masks will be distributed by the University. Consult this site for details about distribution and pickup:
    [if appropriate (e.g., when physical distancing cannot be maintained in the activity) please add: Because of the nature of the activity you will also need to wear addition personal protective equipment (PPE) while in the class, and detailed instructions will follow.]
  • McGill buildings are generally not open for individuals who are not participating in specific planned activities, so please do not arrive excessively early for the activity. While you are on campus, you can also book a seat at a study hub, the University-offered study spaces around campus. Flex spaces, for individual study for Science and BA&Sc students, will also be opened from February 15th; flex spaces will also be provided for non-Science students by the student’s home Faculty.

The space will look somewhat different from what we are used to. It will be set-up in a way that ensures students are all physically distanced, and there will be fewer people in the space than normal. Our goal is to ensure that learning activities this term are both enriching and safe. Last, please be assured that if public health directives or the situation at the University changes in a way that affects our ability to learn in-person, the course will be adapted as needed so as to avoid academic disadvantage to any student.

Please remember that we all have a shared responsibility to reduce the spread of COVID-19 on campus and in our community. As such, I ask that you adhere to the necessary protocols, maintain physical distancing, wear your procedural mask at all times, and practice good cough etiquette and hand hygiene (including hand washing or using the hand sanitizers that you will see whenever you enter a McGill building).

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