Department Day 2021

The BGSA is hosting Department Day 2021 on Friday April 30th! (This is the day after exams finish) The day will take place virtually over Zoom and on Wonder.

Department Day is a day-long research symposium that includes an Equity workshop, it is organized by the BGSA for the WHOLE department (students, faculty, staff). Since it started in 2016 this event aims to form a more cohesive and inclusive community within the Department of Biology. It brings all fields of researchers (CEEB, MCDB, NBB) together to learn about each other’s science and experiences in the workplace.

Department Day consists of mixed session speed talks (3 & 6 mins). This allows for social and academic networking between people with different research interests and methods, and is therefore a catalyst for collaboration across disciplines. The Equity workshop is key feature of the day and focuses on a different topic each year. This year's virtual event will also include some SciArt content, and lots of fun prizes!!

Please use the form to register to attend and to give a talk. Talk registration closes April 2nd. Please register even if you're not planning on presenting, this will really help us with planning for numbers.

We really want to see to a wide variety of labs represented both as presenters and attendees! New-er students are especially encouraged to present, and the speed talk format is a perfect way to introduce yourself and your research interests to the Department. Undergrad presentations will be considered depending on available space.

Feel free to reach out to me with any additional questions/concerns you may have.


Shannon Meadley Dunphy
PhD candidate, Hargreaves Lab
Department of Bio​logy
President, Biology Graduate Student Association


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