Biology Research Awards for Summer 2021

The Biology Department is offering up to three (3) Awards for BIPOC BSc or BA&Sc McGill Undergraduate students for the Summer of 2021. These are full-time, 16-week awards that will place students in a lab or field setting to conduct hands-on research under the supervision of McGill Biology Professors. Students need not have any research experience in the past, and help will be provided to find a successful match with a lab based on research interests. If in-person research is not possible because of the Covid-19 pandemic, remote research options will be pursued instead. Recipients will receive a stipend of $7,500. These awards are available to both Canadian and international students. This is a pilot program, which we hope will be supported in subsequent academic years. Recipients will be expected to remain in touch with organizers and participate in follow-up surveys after their award.

Evaluation: Students will submit the following material for evaluation:

1. Completed application form
2. 1-page essay
3. Unofficial transcript
4. Optional: “other information” section, including anything the candidate wants the evaluation committee to know (up to a half page long).

Students will be primarily evaluated based on the essay, which should address the following:

  1. A brief introduction to the student, their experiences and why they are interested in pursuing Summer Research.
  2. A section outlining their research interests.
  3. A brief explanation of the level of commitment the student can make to conducting research this summer.

While there is no strict GPA cut-off, we expect most applicants will have a GPA > 3.0. However, students with lower GPAs are encouraged to apply, and may use the optional “other information” section to explain their academic path. Preference will be given to U1 and U2 students, but all Undergraduate students are encouraged to apply.

Value: Students will receive stipends of $7,500, and are expected to work full-time for 16 weeks during the summer of 2021 (typically starting on or around May 3).

More Information: The Biology department is hosting a BIPOC in Biology Information session at 7 pm on March 18, 2021. Students can ask questions directly to the evaluation committee during that event. Questions can also be directed to: edi.biology [at]

Deadline: Students must submit all required material as a single PDF, by e-mail to edi.biology [at] by 5 pm on March 22, 2021. Recipients will be notified by early April, and students will be matched with labs in early April. Summer research is expected to begin on or around May 3, 2021.

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