Biology Community - Statement

The Biology Department at McGill believes that Black lives matter. We categorically denounce racial violence and discrimination, and we recognize that our department, our University, our province and our nation are not immune to systemic racism.

In support of ​#ShutDownSTEM, #ShutDownAcademia, and #Strike4BlackLives​, we urge members of the scientific community, both within and outside of McGill, to stand up against systemic racism.

We encourage all students, faculty and staff to spend some time away from their research today, June 10th, or on one of the following days, to reflect on racial disparities, to listen and learn from others, and to act together in the fight for justice.

In addition, we ask supervisors to provide students, staff, and colleagues with the flexibility to participate in these important initiatives to spend some time away from their research today.

While this day of united action is important, we need to remain committed to addressing racial disparity and discrimination throughout the year and to recruit Black students, staff, and faculty into our research and academic programs.

Resources for self-care and education can be found ​here​.

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