Applying to Graduate Research in Bioengineering

Biological and Biomedical Engineering (BBME) is a joint graduate program involving the Department of Bioengineering in the Faculty of Engineering and the Department of Biomedical Engineering in the Faculty of Medicine. This interfaculty program supports the growing trend in research universities towards formalized interdisciplinary studies and multi-faculty collaboration. 


Why do Graduate Research at McGill?

McGill is consistently ranked as a leading university in Canada, and is among the best 20 worldwide, providing an outstanding and employable education at both the undergraduate and graduate level. What is more, it is located in the heart of Montreal, a city with a culturally diverse population and a fun atmosphere, making it an excellent city to pursue Graduate Research. Beyond these qualities, the Department of Bioengineering provides funding opportunities for all accepted PhD students, as well as a chance to receive highly competitive internal Faculty awards.



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