Seminar Series 2019-2020

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The Department continues its annual joint seminar series with the Department of Biomedical Engineering, welcoming experts from across the world to share their discoveries and innovations in the fields of bioengineering and biomedical engineering. The seminar series provides unique learning opportunities to students and faculty alike, and highlights the most recent advances in these rapidly-evolving fields.

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Biomedical Applications of Nanophotonic and Ultrafast Laser
Dr. Michel Meunier, Polytechnique Montreal | November 8th 2019 | Trottier 2100 13h00

Acoustic Cell Washing & Raman Spectroscopy Technologies to Address Cell Therapy Bioprocess Challenges 
Dr. James Piret, University of British Columbia | November 7th 2019 | MD 267 9h00

Scalable methods for genomics analyses and the McGill initiative in Computational Medicine | Dr. Guillaume Bourque
Department of Human Genetics | October 18th 2019 13h00 | Trottier 2100

A Lipidated Protein-Based Mucosal pneumococcal vaccine is self-adjuvanted; provides broad protection in mice.
Dr. Wangxue Chen, National Research Council Canada
September 27th 2019 13h00 | Trottier 2100

Cell Culture Process Development for the Cost-Effective Manufacturing of Complex Biologics
Dr. Sven Ansorge | National Research Council Canada | September 13th 2019 13h00 | Trottier 2100