Amine A. Kamen


Canada Research Chair in Bioprocessing of Viral Vaccines

National Research Council of Canada Research Emeritus

Ph.D. Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal;
Doct.-Ing. Ecole des Mines de Paris

Macdonald Engineering Building, Room 387
amine.kamen [at] (e-mail)

Research Interests

  • Cell Culture Engineering
  • Bioprocess Optimization and Scale-up
  • Process Analytical Technologies and Process Control
  • Viral Vaccines Manufacturing
  • Viral Vectors and Nanoparticules for Gene Delivery and Vaccination


BIEN 340: Transport Processes in Biological Systems (3 credits)

Selected Publications

Process optimization and scale-up for production of rabies vaccine live adenovirus vector (AdRG1.3).
Shen CF, Lanthier S, Jacob D, Montes J, Beath A, Beresford A, Kamen A.
Vaccine. 2012 Jan 5;30(2):300-6. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2011.10.095. Epub 2011 Nov 8.
PMID: 22079076

Metabolic and kinetic analyses of influenza production in perfusion HEK293 cell culture.
Petiot E, Jacob D, Lanthier S, Lohr V, Ansorge S, Kamen AA.
BMC Biotechnol. 2011 Sep 1;11:84. doi: 10.1186/1472-6750-11-84.
PMID: 21884612 Free PMC Article

Insect cell technology is a versatile and robust vaccine manufacturing platform.
Mena JA, Kamen AA.
Expert Rev Vaccines. 2011 Jul;10(7):1063-81. doi: 10.1586/erv.11.24. Review.
PMID: 21806400

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