Stephen Michnick



   Ph.D. University of Toronto

   B.Sc. University of Toronto


   stephen.michnick [at] (email) 



Research Interests

Our aim is to understand physical principles governing the organization of matter in living cells. Our research bridges length and time scales, from single protein complexes to phase separated condensates and seconds to millions of years. Work in the lab has led to discoveries about mechanisms of information processing for cell fate decisions to morphogenesis and biogenesis of subcellular structures. Through these efforts we aim also to develop novel strategies to treat a broad spectrum of human diseases including neurodegeneration and metastatic cancer.

  • Spatiotemporal Dynamics of biochemical networks
  • Signal transduction
  • Cellular mechanics and protein phase separation phenomena in biogenesis
  • Cell based Biophysics
  • Biochemistry
  • Soft matter physics


Selected Publications

Weill, U. et al. (2018) Genome-wide SWAp-Tag yeast libraries for proteome exploration. Nature Methods 15, 617-622, doi:10.1038/s41592-018-0044-9

Bergeron-Sandoval, L. P., H. K. Heris, A. G. Hendricks, A. J. Ehrlicher, P. Francois, R. V. Pappu, Stephen W. Michnick (2017). Endocytosis caused by liquid-liquid phase separation of proteins. bioRxiv 145664; , doi:

Bergeron-Sandoval L.-P., N. Safaee and S. W. Michnick (2016) Mechanisms and consequences of macromolecular phase separation. Cell, 165, 1067-1079

Christian R. Landry, Emmanuel D. Levy, Diala Abd-Rabbo, Kirill Tarassov and Stephen W. Michnick. (2013) Extracting Insight from Noisy Cellular Networks, Cell, 155, 983-989.

Alexis Vallée-Bélisle and Stephen W. Michnick (2012) Frustration in the folding landscape of a small protein revealed by Tryptophan scanning. Nature Structural and Molecular Biology, published online 10 June 2012; doi:10.1038/nsmb.2322.

Malleshaiah, M.K., Shahrezaei, V., Swain, P.S., and Michnick, S.W. (2010). The scaffold protein Ste5 directly controls a switch-like mating decision in yeast. Nature 465, 101-105.

Tarassov, K. Messier, V., Landry,C.R., Radinovic, S., Serna Molina, M. M., Shames, I., Malitskaya, Y., Vogel, J., Bussey, H. and S. W. Michnick (2008) An in vivo map of the yeast protein interactome Science 320, 1465-1470.


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