Natalie Reznikov

Academic title(s): 

Assistant Professor

Dawson Scholar

Natalie Reznikov
Contact Information
Email address: 
natalie.reznikov [at]
McConnell Engineering Building | Research lab: 141 du Président-Kennedy Avenue, 5th floor

Ph.D. Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel
M.Sc. Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Areas of interest: 
  • Structural water and its role in the architecture and mechanical behavior of natural and engineered materials
  • Pre-stress in natural materials, and its implementation in biomimetic materials
  • Structure-function relationships in living organisms (animals and plants)
  • Biomineralization
  • 3D-imaging, and deep learning in image processing
  • BIEN 200: Introduction to Bioengineering
  • BIEN 219: Introduction to Physical Molecular and Cell Biology
  • BIEN 535: Electron Microscopy and 3D Imaging for Biological Materials
Selected publications: 

A full list of publications can be found here

1. McKee MD, Buss DJ, Reznikov N. Mineral tessellation in bone and the stenciling principle for extracellular matrix mineralization. J Struct Biol, 2022, 214(1):107823.

2. Reznikov N, Liang H, McKee MD, Piché N. Mapping of trabecular bone anisotropy and volume fraction in 3D using µCT images of the human calcaneus. Am J Biol Anthrop, 2022, 177 (3), 566-580.

3. Buss DJ, Kroeger R, McKee MD, Reznikov N. Hierarchical organization of bone in three dimensions: A twist of twists. J Struct Biol: X, 2022(6):100057.

4. Alsheghri A*, Reznikov N*, Piché N, Gendron M, Tamimi Marino F, Song J. Optimization of 3D network topology for bioinspired design of stiff and lightweight bone-like structures. Mat Sci Eng: C, 2021, 112010. * equally contributing authors

5. Reznikov N, Buss DJ, Provencher B, McKee MD, Piché N. Deep learning and 3D imaging in structural biology. Review. J Struct Biol, 2020: 107598 (invited from conference selection, special issue).

6. Buss DJ, Reznikov N, McKee MD. Crossfibrillar mineral tessellation in normal and Hyp mouse bone as revealed by 3D FIB-SEM microscopy. J Struct Biol, 2020: 108603.

7. Reznikov N, Hoac B, Buss DJ, Addison WN, Barros NMT, McKee MD. Biological stenciling of mineralization in the skeleton: Local enzymatic removal of inhibitors in the extracellular matrix. Bone, 2020. (cover article)

8. Reznikov N, Rechav K. FIB-SEM dual-beam microscopy for three-dimensional ultrastructural imaging of skeletal tissues. Methodological insert in Comparative skeletal histology and paleohistology. Editors : A. de Ricqlès, L. Zylberberg, K. Padian and V. de Buffrénil. CRC Press (Francis and Taylor Group)

9. Reznikov N, Boughton O, Ghouse S, Blunn G, Weston A, Collinson L, Jeffers J, Cobb J, Stevens M. Individual response variations in scaffold-guided bone regeneration are determined by independent strain- and injury-induced mechanisms. Biomaterials, 2019, 194: 183-194.

10. Reznikov N, Bilton M, Lari L, Stevens MM, Kroeger R. Fractal-like hierarchical organization of bone begins at the atomic level. Science, 2018, 360: eaao2189.

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