Codruta Ignea

Academic title(s): 

Assistant Professor

Codruta Ignea
Contact Information
Email address: 
codruta.ignea [at]
McConnell Engineering Building, Room 354 | Research lab: 141 du Président-Kennedy Avenue, 5th floor

Ph.D. University of Crete, Greece

B.Eng. Banat’s University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Romania

LL.B. (Bachelor of Laws), University of Craiova, Romania

Areas of interest: 
  • Synthetic Biology
  • Metabolic Engineering
  • Engineering of Biological Membranes
  • Next generation of Synthetic Biosystems
  • Biotechnological production of high-value compounds
  • Biosynthesis and Chemical Diversity of Specialized Metabolites
  • BIEN 267: Bioanalytical Methods in Bioengineering

  • BIEN 580: Synthetic Biology

  • BIEN 585: Metabolic Engineering

  • BIEN 670: Downstream Processing

Selected publications: 

Expanding the terpenoid biosynthetic code with non-canonical C16 building blocks
Ignea C, Raadam MH, Ioannou E, Zhao Y, Miettinen K, Rosenfeldt M, Georgantea P, Koutsaviti A, Viejo-Ledesma SE, Petersen MA, Bredie W, Staerk D, Roussis V, Kampranis SC
Nature communications (2022).

Orthogonal monoterpenoid biosynthesis in yeast constructed on an isomeric substrate
Ignea C, Raadam MH, Motawia MS, Makris AM, Vickers CE, Kampranis SC
Nature communications (2019).

Synthesis of 11-carbon terpenoids in yeast using protein and metabolic engineering
Ignea C, Pontini M, Motawia MS, Maffei ME, Makris AM, Kampranis SC
Nature Chemical Biology (2018).

Carnosic acid biosynthesis elucidated by a synthetic biology platform
Ignea C, Athanasakoglou A, Ioannou E, Georgantea P, Trikka FA, Loupassaki S, Roussis V, Makris AM, Kampranis SC
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA (2016).

Reconstructing the chemical diversity of labdane-type diterpene biosynthesis in yeast
Ignea C, Ioannou E, Georgantea P, Loupassaki S, Trikka FA, Kanellis AK, Makris AM, Roussis V, Kampranis SC
Metabolic engineering (2015).

Efficient diterpene production in yeast by engineering Erg20p into a geranylgeranyl diphosphate synthase
Ignea C., Trikka F. A., Nikolaidis A. K., Georgantea P., Ioannou E., Loupassaki S., Kefalas P., Kanellis A. K., Roussis V., Makris A. M., Kampranis S. C.
Metabolic Engineering (2015).

Engineering monoterpene production in yeast using a synthetic dominant negative geranyl diphosphate synthase
Ignea C, Pontini M, Maffei ME, Makris AM, Kampranis SC
ACS Synthetic Biology (2014).

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