Sebastian Wachsmann Hogiu


Ph.D. Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany
B.S. Universityof Bucharest, Romania

McConnell Engineering Building, Room 362

sebastian.wachsmannhogiu [at] (e-mail)


Research Interests

  • Plasmonics-based sensors and assays
  • Structure-derived functionality of materials
  • M(O)EMS
  • Biomimetics
  • Point of care technologies


  • BIEN 210: Electrical and Optical Properties of Optical Systems
  • BIEN 390: Bioengineering Laboratory
  • BIEN 560: Design of Biosensors

Selected Publications

Ruby K.Gill, Zachary J. Smith, Changwon Lee,  and Sebastian Wachsmann-Hogiu, “The effects of laser repetition rate on femtosecond laser ablation of dry bone: a thermal and LIBS study”, Journal of Biophotonics, 9 (1-2), 171-180, 2016.

Zachary J Smith, Changwon Lee, Tatu Rojalin, Randy P Carney, Sidhartha Hazari, Alisha Knudson, Kit Lam, Heikki Saari, Elisa Lazaro Ibañez, Tapani Viitala, Timo Laaksonen, Marjo Yliperttula, Sebastian Wachsmann-Hogiu, Single exosome study reveals subpopulations distributed among cell lines with variability related to membrane content, Journal of Extracellular Vesicles, 5, 2015

Tingjuan Gao, Zachary Smith, Tzu-yin Lin, Danielle Carrade Holt, Stephen M Lane, Dennis L Matthews, Denis M Dwyre, James Hood, Sebastian Wachsmann-Hogiu, "Smart and fast blood counting of trace volumes of body fluids from various mammalian species using a compact, custom-built microscope cytometer”, Analytical chemistry 87 (23), 11854-11862, 2015.

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