Bioresource Engineering Minors

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While you are working to obtain your (B.Eng.) Major degree, you can also complete the requirements for an additional Minor program. This allows you to develop a certain expertise in another area of study which may, or may not, be linked to your Major program. Completion of a Minor usually adds about one term to your total studies at McGill.

As with the Major program, there are separate requirements for a Minor program and it will be shown on your official transcript. Each Minor has a certain credit requirement that you must fulfill before you can graduate from it. Sometimes you are allowed a certain amount of overlap between programs, so that you can use the same course(s) to count both for your Major and Minor. You can even complete several Minors while you are completing your Major if you so choose.

All details can be found in the McGill calendar. However, it is recommended that you discuss all options with your Academic Advisor.

Minor Programs at McGill

Some minor programs that might be of interest to BREE students are:

Some special McGill courses and programs in environmental and water resources management are also available in other countries, e.g., Barbados and Panama. These are taught and administered by McGill and carry the same credits as courses taken here.

Programs taught outside of Canada

Inter-campus Transportation

Some of the courses for the minors and other programs are taught on McGill's main campus, in downtown Montreal. The inter-campus shuttle bus service makes it fairly easy to study on both campuses at the same time.