5 Optional Streams of Concentration

5 Stream Panel

The undergraduate program was designed to give you a balanced education, allowing a student to move, as a professional, into a number of different sub-disciplines, without being over-stretched. In the Bioresource Engineering program the student can concentrate on a particular career area of focus:

In each stream the main set of courses is devoted to the engineering sciences, design, and applications. They are combined with mathematics and science courses that are specifically oriented to the stream. As well, the student follows a number of courses in the humanities / management / social sciences fields. For all streams a typical engineering approach is followed: there is heavy emphasis on the relationship between decision-making and option evaluation during the design stage, and the resultant performance of the unit or effect of the decision once implemented. This approach is followed whether the subject of discussion is a simple cultivation tool or an entire ecosystem.

Please note: A student is not required to choose from one of the five optional streams. All students following the Bioresource Engineering degree will graduate with a BEng. Bioresource upon successful completion of all required courses.