"My pathway to biochemistry was not a linear one. I started off my university career in nutritional science and actually changed programs several times before I selected biochemistry. My reason: I felt that biochemistry would build a solid foundation of knowledge in life sciences so could explore a variety of areas should I choose to do so. As far as academics are concerned, I discovered that I love looking at phenomenon that is happening in the human body and zooming in and understanding what is happening at a chemical level. Another great thing about biochemistry specifically at McGill is that many of the professor are very willing to take on undergrads as volunteers so you can gain lab experience but should you choose not to volunteer the lab courses, although challenging, are a fantastic way to prepare you for work in a real lab. The best part of biochemistry though is the welcoming but tight knit community. It took some time to find where I fit in at McGill but I truly feel that MY community is among my fellow classmates in biochemistry since we are all here because we have a love for the subject.”     Linda



“I picked biochemistry because I was interested in the fundamentals of life, the basic chemical reactions that result in an enzyme functioning that ends up resulting in functioning life. I have always been interested in breaking down complex problems into their most simple roots- which is exactly what biochemistry is. Picking biochemistry as a major was by far the best decision I have ever made. Not only have I learned so much and gained so much practical lab experience, but I have gained lifelong friends. A small department like biochemistry is very close knit, allowing for a ton of interaction between students and professors. I have learned and established a relationship with some of the best biochemists in the world and it has opened up my post-graduate options. While biochemistry is certainly not the easiest major at McGill, it gives enough practical experience and connects you with enough driven people that you are almost guaranteed to succeed.”     Reid


“In my opinion one of the most interesting, yet enigmatic wonders of nature is the most basic form of life: the cell. Living organisms, no matter how simple or complex, are themselves a cell or an accumulation of cells; the evolution of a system into one with a discrete yet coordinated means of regulation, expression and diversity is truly remarkable. I chose biochemistry at McGill as it will provide me with a solid foundation to which I can build my own ideas and hypotheses to study the intricacies of biological systems.”    Sonny



“I chose biochemistry as my major because the program here at McGill is incredibly well-known for being both challenging and extraordinarily rewarding. As a smaller science department there is a more personal feel to classes with professors and students being in closer quarters than in most other science majors at McGill. The content is also obviously extremely interesting and so practical, and the amount of great lab experience you get is second to none at McGill. Knowing these things influenced me greatly to select Biochemistry as my major over others programs like Biology or Anatomy and Cell Biology.”      Nick











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