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Request for missing a Midterm Exam

Decisions regarding missing midterm exams are made by the Biochemistry department.

*Note: The following form is ONLY for Biochemistry courses. For other courses, please contact the appropriate department. 

Students must complete the Missed Midterm Exam Form within 1 week of the scheduled midterm, or else they will receive a grade of zero for the midterm. We will evaluate any medical and non-medical situations and reserve the right to make final decisions regarding what accommodations are reasonable and appropriate in the circumstances. Please consult the Student Wellness Hub for sources of support.

The following reasons are generally accepted, provided proper documentation:

  • Religious conflict
  • Health/medical*
  • Death in the family
  • Serious illness/accident in the family
  • Intercollegiate event
  • Faculty-sponsored events held outside of Montreal

*The medical note must be dated with the date of the midterm exam.*

The following reasons are generally not accepted:

  • Travel not related to above issues, such as family birthdays, reunions, vacations, conferences.
  • Two exams on the same day.
  • Misreading of the course outline.
  • Having many other exams / assignments in the same week.
  • Obligations to student clubs or sports teams other than intercollegiate events discussed above.
  • Employment obligations.
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