PhD Oral Defences




Congratulations to our newest PhD Students!

Oral Defence Guidelines (Reference)



Alexandra Lewis: The biochemical mechanisms underlying nuclear RNAi interference in C. elegans

Amr Omer: Investigating the role of stress induced RNA granules on senescent cell behavior, secretome, and age-related disease

Gabrielle Helen Brewer: Identifying the functional role of breast cancer associated fibroblasts in promoting disease progression

Hui Xia: Molecular regulation of ERRα activity and its impact on diabetes, NASH, and exercise capacity

Itai Sharon: Structural insights into the biosynthesis and biodegradation of cyanophycin

Jalal Mahmoud Kazan: Characterizing the role of endofin/ZFYVE16 in cell surface receptor trafficking and tumor suppression

Jason Sadek: Inhibition of iNOS and eIF4A prevents cachexia‐mediated muscle wasting

Jean-Frederic Olivier: Uncovering new immunological pathways driving inflammatory response of myeloid cells in murine models of neuroinflammation and colitis

Jee San Lee: Transcriptional and translational regulation of microglia during de/remyelination

Kyle Lewis: Enhanced metabolic adaptability mediated by p66ShcA expression improves non-adherent survival and metastasis in a breast cancer model

Mehdi Amiri: Ribosome Profiling reveals the complexity of mammalian translational control mechanisms during stress and differentiation

Michal Zielinski: Investigating macrolide esterases and aminoglycoside acetyltransferases, causative agents of antibiotic resistance

Paula Pinto Coelho: Characterization of a selective LC3C autophagy pathway and its role in cancer biology

Shafqat Rasool: Mechanism of PINK1 activation and ubiquitin phosphorylation

Shane Wiebe: Translational control in autism spectrum disorder and memory: a novel role for 4EHP

Shivshankari Rajkumar: Investigation of the co-operativity of mutations in the mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) pathway in cutaneous melanomas

Souad Mubaid: The functional dichotomy of HuR is a key determinant of the fate of skeletal muscle

Tolou Golkar Seisany: Circumventing antibiotic resistance: A two-pronged approach

Yevgen Zolotarov: CNNM/PRL/ARL15 complex regulates magnesium homeostasis and TRPM7


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