McKinnell Travel Award

Established in 1993 by the Estate of late Margaret McKinnell - Biochemistry's Unknown AngelĀ  to provide support for a Biochemistry graduate student to attend a scholarly meeting or conference relating to their graduate research.


  • Student must be first author presenter of poster or talk at a scientific meeting
  • Student is only entitled to one McKinnell award while training towards a Ph.D.

Value: $750.00

Application: Send an email to thomas.duchaine [at] (Dr Thomas Duchaine), Chair, Department of Biochemistry with a copy to: briana.blair [at] (Briana Blair)

Please include a copy of the meeting poster and/or an abstract of your presentation, providing your destination and time of travel.

Congratulations to our winners


  • Lokha Ranjani Alagar Boopathy
  • Diana Berry
  • Faiz Mohammed Hussain
  • Yun Yun Shen
  • Kayla Heney
  • Jakub Bunk


  • Dana Segal
  • Sherif Attalla
  • Yu Gu
  • Nabila Chekkal
  • Yao Shen
  • Shreya Krishnan
  • Marine Lingrand
  • Marina Fukano
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