Rhoda Blostein

Professor Emeritus Department of Biochemistry Molecular and cellular aspects of the Na,K-ATPase rhoda [dot] blostein [at] mcgill [dot] ca 1960 - PhD, McGill University

Alain Nepveu

Professor Department of Biochemistry Biological roles and molecular functions of the mammalian CUX1 homeodomain protein

Imed Gallouzi

Professor Department of Biochemistry mRNA metabolism during the cell cycle; cell differentiation

Edward A. Meighen

Professor Emeritus Department of Biochemistry Regulation of enzymes and genes

Albert M. Berghuis

Professor and Chair Department of Biochemistry Development of antimicrobials, antibiotic resistance, crystallography

Philippe Gros

Professor Department of Biochemistry Cancer resistance to chemotherapy; genetic models of innate resistance or susceptibility to disease


BIOC 503 3 credits Immunochemistry.

Membranes and cellular signaling

BIOC 458 3 credits Membranes and Cellular Signaling.