Radiochemistry and PET tracers development

We develop and adopt the synthesis of novel positron emission tomography (PET) radiotracers to directly study expression of various molecular biomarkers in healthy and pathological CNS. We are now focused on exploring neurotrophin regulation and signalling via different receptors including p75NTR, Trk and sortilin. We are also interested in studying the regulation of neuropeptide Y transmission system through the development of ligands for Y2 receptors. In addition, we are developing new and improved radiolabeling procedures for more time, labor and cost efficient synthesis of many clinically relevant PET tracers. Our approach allows for high yielding tracer syntheses with significantly reduced radiation burden on the radiochemistry lab personnel. Finally, we are studying a relative timeline of emergence of various biomarkers in patients with a history of repetitive brain traumas using recently developed PET tracers of neuroinflammation and misfolded protein accumulation.


(Contact: alexey.kostikov [at] (Prof Alexey Kostikov).)


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