Radiochemistry and Cyclotron Lab

gassan.massarweh [at] (Dr. Gassan Massarweh), Assistant Professor & Director Cyclotron and Radiochemistry Core

Dr Massarweh's group focusses on cutting-edge developments in radiochemistry along the following principal axes of research:

  • Neurodegenerative diseases: The development and in-vivo evaluation of novel PET radiotracers for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases to target β–Amyloid plaques, Tau protein and α–Synuclein protein using fluorine-18 and carbon-11;
  • Oncology, cancer: The development and evaluation in vivo and in vitro of novel PET radiotracers to target brain, breast and prostate cancer;
  • Radiolabeling methods: The development of novel synthetic methods using organic and inorganic catalysts for rapid radiolabeling of organic compounds;
  • Radiometal complexes: The development of radiometal complexes for diagnostic and therapeutic applications in oncology. The development includes metal complex synthesis and radiochemical synthesis.


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