Journal articles

Book Chapters

  1. Gelinas, J. N., Baillet S., Bertrand O., Galván A., Kolling T., Lachaux J.-P., Lindenberger U., Ribary U., Sawa A., Uhlhaas P. J (2018) Late Adolescence. In: Manifestations and Mechanisms of Dynamic Brain Coordination over Development, edited by A. A. Benasich and U. Ribary. Strüngmann Forum Reports, vol. 25, J. Lupp, series editor. MIT Press (Cambridge, MA) 
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Patents & Licenses

  • NEURiNFARCT : Computer-aided prediction of infarct growth during the acute stage of stroke using diffusion-weighted MRI
  • Non-invasive estimation of intracranial electrical potentials from MEG recordings, PCT 08/02305, WO 2009/136021 A1; Filing date: Apr 23, 2009

  • Prediction of infract growth during acute phase from diffusion MRI, Worldwide patent: PCT/FR 2007/001111 & WO 2008/000973; Filing data: Jun 29, 2007

  • Method And Device For Representing A Dynamic Functional Image Of The Brain, By Locating And Discriminating Intracerebral Neuroelectric Generators And Uses Thereof, WO 2007/01011; Filing date: Jul 10, 2006 


Software & Data Sharing 

  • Brainstorm: An open-source software application for multimodal electrophysiology & imaging: >17,500 registered users; >720 journal articles published with results obtained with Brainstorm, since 2011.
  • OMEGA: The Open MEG Archives –  premiered MEG data repositories  (255 data volumes, with individual MRI); 700 registered users so far. 


In the Media


  1. Interview for Quebec-Science magazine (Canada), Le Cerveau Aussi a Besoin de Vacances (brain activity in the resting state), June-July 2016
  2. Interview for McGill News Alumni magazine (Canada), A Bold Experiment in Open Science, May 26, 2016
  3. Contributed illustration (with S Dery, Grad student in the lab) Montreal institute going “open” to accelerate science, Science, Jan 21, 2016
  4. Montreal en Santé (Canada): feature article Training Your Brain using Neurofeedack, Spring 2014 issue
  5. Interview for Brain Awareness Montreal (blog) (Canada) The Underpinnings of Neuroscience: Exploring Brain Imaging with Dr. Sylvain Baillet, Mar 2014
  6. Interview for MIT’s Technology Review (USA) magazine, June 2010.
  7. Medical Magic: New tools to map brain activity, Milwaukee Magazine (USA), Sep 2009, 36–39.
  8. Editorial: ‘L’imagerie fonctionnelle, à la vitesse du cerveau’, CulturePSY Neurosciences (France), June 2009
  9. Feature cover story in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: ‘New brain imaging method shows promise for epilepsy’ (USA), May 17, 2009
  10. Le Point (national news magazine; France): report on our research ‘Neurones sous surveillance’, Apr 2007
  11. La Recherche (national science culture magazine, France): consulting for a feature report on high-temperature magnetometers
  12. Selection of Reader’s Digest (France): report on our research
  13. Le Monde de l’Intelligence (national magazine) (France): consulting for a feature article on neuroimaging techniques, September 2006


Television & online media


  1. nature Podcast (UK) – Making MEG smaller interview about Boto et al., Nature 2018 article, which I had reviewed for the journal, Mar 22, 2018 
  2. Electrons-Libres (Tele-Quebec): 7-min special feature on our Neuron paper about the enhancement of auditory working memory with neural stimulation, February 09, 2018  
  3. Serious Science – Scientific dissemination web portal (Russia): 15-min interview on Computational Modeling of the Brain, November 22, 2016

  4. Serious Science – Scientific dissemination web portal (Russia): 15-min interview on Clinical Brain Imaging, October 14, 2016

  5. Serious Science (Russia): 15-min interview on Brain Networks, October 07, 2016 

  6. Interview TVA (Canada): Salut Bonjour Weekend program (brain activity in the resting state), June 2016

  7. ICI ExploraTV (Canada; science channel): Les Chroniques Scientifiques de Jean-René Dufort (Real-time brain imaging using MEG) 2013

  8. ABC Good Morning America (USA): Special ‘Cutting-edge’ feature (5mins): Sixty Seizures to None: Young Girl Overcomes Epilepsy, Feb 3, 2010

  9. France 24 International news channel (France): special TV report, May 2008

  10. France 5 (National TV Channel) ‘Mondes & Merveilles’ program: movies & illustrations; May 20, 2007

  11. France 5 ‘L’Œil & la Main’ program : special report on neuroimaging techniques; Dec 2006  

  12. Interview, LCI (National cable news; France), May 2006



  1. Radio-Canada (Canada): La Sphère radio show, The Opportunities & Challenges of Artificial Intelligence in Biomedicine, Apr 29, 2017 

  2. WUWM - National Public Radio Network (USA): Lake Effect program, Magnetoencephalography: A New Way to View the Brain, Oct 7, 2009

  3. France-Info (National Public Radio), Interview Chronique des Sciences I, Marie-Odile Monchicourt, Apr 24, 2007: 

  4. France-Info, Interview Chronique des Sciences II, Marie-Odile Monchicourt, July 04, 2007 


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