Ongoing Projects


Our research (as principal or co-investigators / trainees) is funded by:



Methods for time-resolved brain imaging

  • image reconstruction
  • inverse problems/modelling 
  • time series analysis
  • functional connectivity: models & methods
  • statistical inference
  • machine-learning techniques
  • cross-frequency coupling and interactions

Systems neuroscience

  • mechanisms of working memory 
  • multimodal sensory perception
  • active sensing, perceptual inference
  • resting-state brain activity 

Pre-clinical projects

  • epilepsy
  • ADHD
  • neurodegenerative syndromes, including Alzheimer's disease
  • real-time imaging, neurofeedback

Computational image analysis

  • diffeomorphic transforms
  • advection on 3-D manifolds
  • advanced visualization


  • Development and distribution of Brainstorm, a free, open-source software application for EEG/MEG data analysis and source imaging.

Data sharing

  • Open MEG Archive (OMEGA) project: the largest open respository of MEG data worldwide