Data Hosting & Sharing: The Open MEG Archive (OMEGA)

The Open MEG Archive (OMEGA)

OMEGA is a collaborative effort between the McConnell Brain Imaging Centre (MNI, McGill) and the Université de Montréal to provide a core repository of MEG data for open dissemination.


This continuously expanding repository also contains anatomical MRI volumes, demographic and questionnaire information, and eventually will feature multimodal electrophysiological data (e.g., EEG, field and cell recordings).

OMEGA provides the technological framework for multi-centric data aggregation, and is amongst the largest repository of MEG data presently available.

Access to OMEGA is for research and educational purposes. We require that every outcome (papers, slides, posters, websites, etc.) cites the seminal open-access journal article introducing the project.


  • First open data repository fully dedicated to MEG.
  • Now stored as BIDS (Brain Imaging Data Structure).
  • Directly readable by data-analysis software with Brainstorm.
  • Multimodal data from 220 participants, about 300 resting-state MEG records: 182 from healthy controls, 38 from patient volunteers (ADHD, chronic pain, etc.).
  • Also features the anonymized anatomical T1-weighted MRI volumes of all participants
  • Provides anonymized demographic and questionnaire data.
  • Current focus in on resting-state, but task data can also be contributed.
  • OMEGA will continue to expand, with contributions from the scientific community.



Please click here to go to the OMEGA registration form.

Requests to access the Open MEG Archives are reviewed before they are granted at the following conditions concerning the research project with using data from OMEGA:

  1. it must coincide with the objective of OMEGA (see below);
  2. it must have scientific value and be scientifically sound;
  3. it must be presented and performed by qualified scientists;
  4. it must be approved by the duly constituted Research Ethics Board(s) that has/have jurisdiction over the research project.


G. Niso, C. Rogers, J.T. Moreau, L-Y. Chen, C. Madjar, S. Das, E. Bock, F. Tadel, A.C. Evans, P. Jolicoeur, S. Baillet, OMEGA: The Open MEG Archive, NeuroImage, 124B(1) Jan 2016, pp 1182-1187, ISSN 1053-8119.



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