Dr. Bratislav Misic joins the BIC as new Principal Investigator

Published: 15 March 2016

We have the greatest pleasure to announce that as of March 1st 2016, Dr. Bratislav Misic has joined ‪our Centre as Assistant Professor of Neurology & Neurosurgery, and new core BIC Principal Investigator.  

Bratislav trained in neuroscience and mathematics at the University of Toronto. He completed his PhD with Randy McIntosh (2014, University of Toronto) and his postdoctoral work with Olaf Sporns (2016, Indiana University). Bratislav investigates how global dynamics, cognitive operations and complex behaviour emerge from the connections and interactions among distributed brain areas, with an emphasis on the integrative properties of brain networks. His work lies at the intersection of network science, dynamical systems and multivariate statistics, with a focus on complex data sets involving multiple neuroimaging modalities, including ‪MRI‬ and ‪‎MEG‬. At the BIC, Bratislav will continue to build a translational approach for studying network structure and function in clinical populations.
Please join us in wishing the warmest welcome to Bratislav!


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