NeuroCarpentry - Lunch & Learn

Friday, May 28, 2021 11:00toFriday, June 11, 2021 13:00

Neuroscientists increasingly rely on neuroinformatics for their investigations. Data science offers a key set of tools and methods for robust and reproducible analyses of brain imaging data. These sessions are the first in a series that will teach students fundamental skills that contribute to reproducible brain science.

Project Bio

Since 2018, a group of neuroscientists from several Canadian universities and institutions have been collaborating to create and teach a curriculum for neuroimaging analysis and neuroinformatics. Adopting open standards like BIDS and fostering FAIR principles is among the strategic goals of this training program. This project is seeking a form of accreditation from The Carpentries, whose vision is to be the leading inclusive community teaching data and coding skills. For this reason, we name our effort NeuroCarpentry.

Session 1 - Introduction to working with MRI data and BIDS with Python
Friday, May 28, 11:00-13:30 EDT
Instructor(s): Michael Joseph, CAMH
Github link: https://github.com/carpentries-incubator/SDC-BIDS-IntroMRI

Session 2 - Structural Neuroimaging Analysis in Python
Friday, June 4, 11:00-13:30 EDT
Instructors: Nikhil Bhagwat, McGill; Michael Dayan, Fondation Campus Biotech Geneva
Github link: https://github.com/carpentries-incubator/SDC-BIDS-sMRI

Session 3 - Working with EEG-BIDS in EEGLAB (Matlab)
Friday, June 11, 11:00-13:30 EDT
Instructors: James Desjardins, SHARCNET, Compute Ontario, Compute Canada, Brock
University; Sara Stephenson (TA), Brock University
Github links: https://carpentries-incubator.github.io/SDC-BIDS-EEG-EEGLAB/


Some familiarity with Python is helpful for the first two lessons (Introduction to working with MRI data and BIDS with Python and Structural NeuroImaging Analysis in Python). Introductions to Python can be found in such lessons as Software Carpentry’s Plotting and Programming in Python and Programming with Python.

How to sign up

Please follow this link to sign up for one or more of these upcoming lessons:


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  • Erin Dickie (CAMH, University of Toronto)
  • Jerrold Jeyachandra (CAMH)
  • Michael Joseph (CAMH)
  • Jason Kai (Western University)
  • Ariel Rokem (eScience Institute / U of Washington)
  • Olivia Stanley (Western University)
  • Jon Haitz Legarreta (Université de Sherbrooke)
  • Nikhil Parag Bhagwat (McGill University)
  • P.J. Toussaint (McGill University)
  • Ben Selby (CAMH)
  • James Desjardins (Brock University)
  • Ted Strauss (McGill University)
  • Michael Dayan (Campus Biotech)
  • Sara Stephenson (Brock University)
  • Swapna Premasiri (McGill University)
  • Patrick Bermudez (McGill University)
  • Jean-Baptiste Poline (McGill University)



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