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Our mission

The purposes of the Area's programs are to engage students in the academic study of the Bible and closely related literatures, as part of (i) an undergraduate programme, (ii) the voctional training for those entering various church related careers, (iii) preparation for an academic career.

The Bible, Early Judaism, and Early Christianity

Our students receive a rigourous training in the various text-critical and historico-critical methods related to the ancient documents of the Bible, early Judaism and Early Christianity as well as a sound foundation in the languages of the texts studied.

The civilizations around the ancient Mediterranean and that of the ancient near eastern 'Fertile Crescent' represent the historical and cultural matrices of the Bible, Early Judaism and Early Chirstianity. We offer opportunities to learn about those civlizations and cultures and their languages, including but not restricted to the original languages of the Bible of Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek.

In addition to the expertise of the various members of the Biblical Area in the Faculty of Religious Studies, McGill University offers many other programs in related fields offered through the departments of Anthropology, the Classics Program, Jewish Studies and Islamic Studies.

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