The Sectors module is designed to give students an opportunity to dive deeper into a specific concentration. The sector concentrations include:

Fashion & Beauty

With fashion and beauty retail industry growing at 4% and 5% per year, respectively, these industries will need leaders who are focused not just on the bottom line but also focused on sustainability, streamlined product portfolios, and an inclusive, global mindset, major leadership priorities in these industries. 

Fintech & Financial Services

Fintech is the buzzword referring to the use of technology across all financial services functions (e.g. replacing paper-based processes with software and applications).
Chatbots for customer service, machine learning and AI for fraud detection, omni-channel banking (in place of bank branches), biometrics for stronger security, and blockchain for digital transactions use fintech technology and analytics to create convenient products.

Food & Grocery

With food prices expected to rise between 1-2% given increased wages globally, food and grocery retailers will be looking for ways to increase efficiency and profitability within their own supply chain and processes while appealing to a demanding consumer who wants their food as convenient and quickly as possible.
This industry will see the expansion of ecommerce, more personalized in-store experiences, smaller format stores, and focus on delivery.

Entertainment & Hospitality

Hospitality industry concentrates on customer's satisfaction by creating compelling experiences so customers come back for more.
Future leaders in the hospitality industry will create memorable and positive guest experiences while also using guest data analytics to improve business operations, marketing strategies, occupancy rates and yield. The MMR program prepares such hospitality leaders.

Intelligent Mobility

Intelligent Mobility is about moving people and goods around in an easier, more efficient and more environmentally-friendly way. This will look significantly different from the transport methods we use today.
MMR is partnering with automobile innovators who are and will be bringing these technologies to the masses to help prepare future leaders in making sure that the user experience of intelligent vehicles is optimal and superb.
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