The McGill
Retail Innovation
Lab (MRIL)

Our vision is to blend multidisciplinary research with cutting-edge technologies to investigate and practice responsible innovation for the future of retail.

Located on the ground floor of the Bensadoun School, the MRIL will offer omni-channel retail activities in a ‘live and open’ setting to serve the McGill and downtown communities. It will foster collaborations between interdisciplinary & inter-faculty academics and key players in retail, emerging technologies and start-ups. Our planned research focus areas include health and wellness, privacy & personalization, agile & sustainable supply chains and frictionless customer experience. The live retail lab will create unique research experiences for students through course work dedicated to experiential learning.




Prof. Saibal Ray


Academic Director,
Bensadoun School of Retail Management,
Desautels, Faculty of Management

Prof. James Clark

Research Co-Director,
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering,
Faculty of Engineering

Prof. Maxime Cohen


Research Co-Director,
Associate Professor of Retail Management and Operations Management,
Faculty of Management



1. Planning for the MRIL

Defining use cases, securing partners, setting tech requirements, legal, structure.

2. Take Possession of Space

Install and configure hardware, operational, pre-planning, finalize Lab, opening and research projects.

3. Lab Opens

Start collecting data, conducting research and testing technologies based on selected use cases.

4. 'Living Lab'

Iterate based on results. Add new research projects and use cases within select themes.

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