Key Features of the BSRM

Digital Observatory & VR Lab

Multi-Level Programs

Comprehensive education and training for retail at every level: BCom, Master’s, PhD and Executive

Experiential Learning

Internship opportunities with Canadian and international retailers, integrated with academic program

Action-Oriented Research

Multi-disciplinary, integrative research related to the present and future of retailing, including: Brain & Behavior; Health and Wellness; Retail operations; Retail technology and Data analytics; Entrepreneurship; Circular design and sustainability.

Retail Experience Lab

offering a select number of our partner retailers the opportunity to test new processes, products or technology in a digital-rich, omni-channel retail environment. This lab will be:

  • A living lab where transactions take place with a focus on McGill and Montreal's large community of students - 18-24 year olds - as they are the future of retail
  • A seasonally curated space offering:
    • Retail Experience flex-space 
      for blended on-line / in-store testing of: packaging and format; delivery point; customer experience; new technology; training; supply chain simulation and optimization

    • Pop up store space for retail entrepreneurs

  •  Effectively blend experience with technology

  • Ensure the sustainable execution of the Lab project through:

    • Sustainable construction practices

    • Sustainable day-to-day operations

    • Sustainability's importance in the projects that are chosen to be integrated into the Lab

Digital Observatory

to track consumer trends and behavior across multiple markets and sectors of the retail industry, opportunities for data collection, collation, analysis and research

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