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Responsibilities of a host unit

Every Beatty Lecturer must be hosted by a department, Faculty, or other administrative unit at McGill. Groups often choose to suggest and organize the visit of a Beatty Lecturer to coincide with a major anniversary, when graduates and their families are already visiting campus for Homecoming. According to the terms of the endowment, the only criteria are that the Beatty Lecture must be held while classes are in session, open to the public, and well advertised.

All Beatty Memorial Lectures are the result of a collaboration between Research and Innovation (RI) and the host unit. RI arranges for the lecturer’s travel and hotel, organizes a pre-lecture breakfast and the major public talk, and provides advice to the host unit as required.

The host department or Faculty is responsible for scheduling a reasonable number of additional events, targeting students, faculty, and staff, which will fill one or two days of the lecturer's time while he or she is on campus.

If your unit is interested hosting a Beatty Lecturer, we ask that you contact us via our online feedback form. Contact us now.

Expectations of Beatty Lecturers

A Beatty Lecturer is expected to deliver a major public lecture, usually lasting between 60 and 90 minutes. In addition, he or she is asked to remain on campus for one or two days to meet and interact with members of the McGill community.

During that time, the lecturer will participate in activities, such as roundtable discussions, classes, or other events that give faculty, staff, and students a chance to benefit from his or her vast experience, knowledge, and expertise.

Furthermore, a Beatty Lecturer is expected be available for media interviews, both before and during his or her visit to McGill, and to participate in social events associated with the lecture, such as a pre-lecture breakfast, dinners, receptions, or other activities often associated with Homecoming. 

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