Curtis L Baker

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Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences

Associate Member
Department of Biomedical Engineering



Curtis L Baker
Contact Information
514-934-1934 Ext 35309
514-934-1934 Ext 34819

McGill Vision Research
687 Pine Av. W. H4-14
Montreal, QC H3A 1A1

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curtis.lee.baker [at]
Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences
Areas of expertise: 

Dr. Baker's research is aimed at the long-term objective of understanding human visual perception, particularly low-level mechanisms that are functionally relevant to animals and people in everyday life. Natural scenes in our visual world are filled with objects delineated from their backgrounds not only by simple changes in luminance or colour, but also by differences in contrast, texture or motion. Dr. Baker is interested in how early visual processing detects and utilizes these rich cues to provide a robust perception of "figure-ground" and local depth relationships in the real world. Towards this end, he employs a variety of approaches in both humans and animals, including psychophysics, optical imaging, single unit neurophysiology, and computational modeling.

Research areas: 
Signals and Systems
Biomedical Sensors
Medical Diagnostics and Therapeutics
Biomedical Modelling
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Oculomotor Control
System Identification
Signal Processing
Computational Modeling
Image Processing
Machine Learning
Optical Imaging
Sensory Processing
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