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Graduate students

Current PhD Students

Ranganathan Balasubramanian Hinduism. Supervisors: Katherine Young, Lara Braitstein
Thesis title: Śaiva Siddhānta Polemics: A Translation and Analysis of the Civañāṉa Cittiyār—Parapakkam
Cindy Bentley Buddhism. Supervisor: Victor Hori
Thesis title: Reason and Wisdom: Nishitani Keiji's Solution to the Problem of the Rationality of Emptiness
Rong Dao

Buddhism. Supervisor: Victor Hori
Thesis title: Taixu and the Reform of Modern Chinese Buddhism

Darry Dinnell Hinduism. Supervisor: Davesh Soneji
Juli Gittinger Hinduism. Supervisor: Davesh Soneji
Michael Gollner Hinduism. Supervisor: Davesh Soneji
Ryan Jones Buddhism. Supervisor: Lara Braitstein
Research interests: Ryan's research interests include Tibetan historical thinking and historiography, the formation of Tibetan Buddhist lineages, and Sino-Tibetan relations in the area of Kham, eastern Tibet. Ryan's current research focuses on the development of the Surmang Kagyu lineage during the sixteenth century as evinced in historical writings and doctrinal and ritual texts. As a case study in lineage formation, the Surmang Kagyu offers an influential, clearly individuated lineage with well developed sites, practices, and persons
Meera Kachroo Hinduism. Supervisor: Davesh Soneji
Sanjay Kumar Hinduism. Supervisor: Katherine K. Young
Thesis title: A Comparative Study of Four Themes (Nationalism, Women, Caste and Violence) in the Textural Tradition of Mahabharata
Erin McCann Hinduism. Supervisor: Katherine Young
Thesis title: The Interaction of Language, Religion, and Society: A Study of the Srivaishnava Manipravala Text, Srivacanabhushanam
Saraswati Sainath Hinduism. Supervisor: Katherine Young
Thesis title: Towards a Neo-Advaitin (Hindu) Ethics on the New Biological Science
Shital Sharma Hinduism. Supervisor: Davesh Soneji
Thesis title: “Gender, Ritual and Class in Pustimarg Vaisnavism”
Research interest: Popular religions of India; middle-class religiosity in India; gender and Hinduism; feminist and post-colonial studies of South Asia
Tom Troughton Buddhism. Supervisors: Lara Braitstein, Thupten Jinpa

Current MA Students

James Allen Buddhism. Supervisor: Lara Braitstein
Jennifer Divall Buddhism. Supervisor: Lara Braitstein
Pamela Duns Buddhism. Supervisor: Lara Braitstein
Jordan Knoetgen Buddhism. Supervisor: Lara Braitstein
Paula Esguerra Buddhism. Supervisor: Victor Hor
Victor Temprano Buddhism. Supervisor: Lara Braitstein.