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Numata Lectureship

In 1999, the Numata Foundation of Canada, otherwise known as BDK Canada, generously awarded a major 20-year grant to the Faculty of Religious Studies of McGill University. In addition to establishing an accumulating fund which will eventually fund a chair in Buddhist Studies, the grant allows the Asian Religions Area to annually host a visiting professor in Buddhist Studies for a term. The Numata Visiting Professor in Buddhist Studies offers a graduate seminar and also gives a public lecture.


This year's Numata professor is Dr. Jin Y. Park of American University in Washington.


Dr. Martin Adam, University of Victoria.
The Consequences of Consequentialism: Reflections on Recent Developments in the Study of Buddhist Ethics. November 24, 2011.


Dr. Dorji Wangchuk, Centre for Tantric Studies, University of Hamburg.
Towards a Buddhist Philosophy of Dialogue and Interreligious Dialogue.


Dr. Hiroko "Koko" Kawanami, Lancaster University.
Buddhism in Context: social justice and political action in Myanmar. November 30, 2009.


Dr. Miriam Levering, University of Tennessee.
Why Does Avalokitesvara (Guanyin) Need One Thousand Arms and Eyes? Making a place for Guanyin in Chan and Zen Buddhism. November 24, 2008.


D. Joel Tatelman, SSHRC Scholar.


Dr. Andrew Skilton, Cardiff University.
Laughing at Shit: Further Reflections on Translating Scatological Language in Buddhist Literature. November 6, 2006.