Lab Members

Dr. Jelena Ristic | Principal Investigator

Jelena.ristic [at] | Faculty Page | Google Scholar

Dr. Jelena Ristic is a Professor and William Dawson Scholar at McGill University. She received her Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia and worked under supervision of Dr. Alan Kingstone at the Brain and Attention Research laboratory. Jelena continued her research at the University of California, Santa Barbara as a postdoctoral fellow with Dr. Barry Giesbretcht at the Attention laboratory. Jelena joined McGill University in 2009. Jelena’s research includes the following: basic mechanisms of human attention; cognitive neuroscience of attention; social cognition, social attention, and attentional development; special populations; and functional neuroimaging.

Dr. Jelena Ristic sitting in front of a computer


Post-Doctoral Fellows

Dr. Sarah McCrackin

Sarah.mcCrackin [at] |Personal WebsiteGoogle Scholar

I am a post-doctoral researcher in the A&SC lab, working with Jelena Ristic. I recently completed my Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Waterloo. During my time there, I studied how we use the information from the eye-gaze of others to relate to them on an emotional level. This included how we use gaze cues to infer the emotional states of others, to empathize with them, and to discriminate their facial expressions and direction of attention. I used electroencephalography to explore the neural underpinnings of cognition and behaviour when examining these questions, and I hope to expand on this in the future in the A&SC lab. I also plan on expanding upon a separate line of research examining how gaze and emotional expressions interact to orient an observer’s attention to a gazed-at location.

Dr. Sarah McCrackin


Graduate Students

Florence Mayrand

Florence.mayrand [at]

I am in my second year as MSc student in the Experimental Psychology program here at McGill. While doing my B.S.H. at Seton Hall University, I worked with Dr. Marianne Lloyd on the effectiveness of stereotype suppression and divided attention in the Memory Lab. Now at McGill, I am turning my focus to the processes involved in perspective taking. More specifically, I am interested in the role of directionality and mentalizing in perspective taking and how they interact. In addition, I am currently working on projects involving gaze behaviour in dyadic interactions using eye tracking. Outside the lab, I spend my time enjoying views while hiking around the province and traveling as far as I possibly can.

Florence Mayrand


Affiliated Members

Clara Colombato

clara.colombatto [at] | Personal Website | Google Scholar

I am a postdoctoral researcher working primarily with Molly Crockett at Yale University, where I also recently completed my Ph.D. under the supervision of Brian Scholl. My research focuses on the visual roots of social cognition: for example, I have explored how socially powerful stimuli are prioritized in our visual experience, and how visual processing might impact higher-level social and moral judgments. In collaboration with Dr. Ristic, I am investigating how our attention might be influenced by the perception of others' attention, as signaled for example by their pupil size or body pose.


Anisha Khosla

Akhosla [at] 

I am a PhD Student at the University of Toronto with Dr. Jennifer Ryan and Dr. Morris Moscovitch. I completed my MA in Psychology from the University of Toronto in 2019 and BSc in Psychology and Neuroscience from McMaster University in 2018. During my masters, I examined similarities and differences between visual exploration and spatial navigation. Broadly, I am interested in understanding the neural link between memory and eye movements in the human brain. Specifically, how is information exchanged between the memory area and the area of the brain that controls eye movements? I am fascinated by changes in visual exploration accompanied by memory loss and I am investigating the neural underpinnings of such changes. I am a visiting student at the A&SC lab through the NSERC-CREATE scholarship, and during my time at the lab, I hope to learn more about the role of gaze behaviour in social cognition. Outside of work, I enjoy traveling, listening to podcasts, and hiking.

Anisha Kholsa

Lab Coordinator

Victoria Fratino

Victoria.fratino [at]

I am a U3 Bachelor of Science with Honours Psychology student. This is my second year in the Laboratory for Attention and Social Cognition, and my first year as lab coordinator. I am very excited to conduct a second thesis project in the lab. I am currently investigating the effect of pupil size on the Cone of Direct Gaze. After graduating from McGill, I hope to pursue graduate studies in Clinical Psychology. Outside of the lab, I enjoy reading, painting, and trying new foods.



Undergraduate Researchers

Nada Khalil

Nada.khalil2 [at]

I’m a U2 Honours Psychology student minoring in Sociology, and I will be completing my Honours thesis at the A&SC Lab looking at gaze cuing using webcam eye tracking. I am very excited to broaden my research knowledge and experience with this amazing team. In the future, I hope to pursue graduate school in clinical psychology and one day become a practicing psychotherapist. In my free time I enjoy spending time at the dog park, painting, and watching soccer.



India Audet

India.audet [at]

I’m a U3 Bachelor of Science Psychology Major and I’m very excited to be completing my undergraduate research project in the Attention and Social Cognition Lab. My project will be looking at how occluding the lower face with masks impacts our ability to infer and share the mask wearer's emotions. In the future, I hope to pursue graduate studies in clinical psychology. Outside of the lab, I enjoy yoga, meditation, reading and discovering new music.






Kylie Chow

Ming.chow [at]

I am a 4th-year student in Cognitive Science in the neuroscience stream. This is my first year in the A&SC lab and I am so excited to gain more research experience as an undergraduate researcher completing the COGS 401. I am currently working on a research project that looks at how gaze following is impacted by adopting someone else’s perspective. My goal is to complete an MA in child psychology or educational psychology to work with children in special education. Outside of the lab, I enjoy trying new foods and finding the next best hit through Spotify’s ‘Discover Weekly'!






Leila Rafai

Leila.rafai [at]

I am a U2 Honours Bachelor of Science Psychology Major with a Minor in Neuroscience. This is my first year in the Attention and Social Cognition Lab where I will be doing my honours research thesis that investigates the roles of directionality and mentalizing in gaze behaviour. I hope to pursue graduate studies in clinical neuropsychology in the future. Outside of the lab, I am a part time gymnastics coach and I also enjoy travelling and baking.





Yangyilin Guo

yang.y.guo [at]

I am a U3 Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Psychology and double minoring in Behavioral Sciences and East Asian Studies. This is my first year in the Attention and Social Cognition Lab as an undergraduate thesis student. I will be working on a project that investigates how the perception of others' attention through their pupil size and gaze direction influences the perceiver's reflexive orienting to peripheral locations. I aim to pursue my graduate studies in cultural psychology, with a focus on cognition or on psychopathology. Outside the lab, I enjoy reading, cooking, and playing guitar.






Tyler Dhaliwal

Tyler.dhaliwal [at]

I am a U2 honours student in the Cognitive Science program with a minor in History. This is my first year in the Attention and Social Cognition Lab, and I am looking forward to working on different projects in the lab while learning valuable new skills in the process. After I finish my degree, I would like to pursue graduate studies in Cognitive Science with a focus on decision making. Outside of the lab, I enjoy playing hockey, skiing, reading & learning new skills.





Lorelei Duelli

Lorelei.duelli [at]

I am a U2 Bachelor of Arts Psychology Major with a Minor in Anthropology and German Language. This is my first year working with the Attention and Social Cognition Lab. As a lab volunteer, I have the unique opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects and help in many different capacities. I am excited to gain some research experience in such a great lab! Beyond McGill, I aim to pursue graduate studies in neuropsychology. Outside the lab, I enjoy hiking, skiing, spending time with my pets and baking.



Mina Mahdi

mina.mahdi [at]

I'm a U1 student in the Cognitive Science program, specializing in neuroscience and minoring in philosophy. This is my first year volunteering with the Attention and Social Cognition Lab. I'm very excited to gain research experience on attention selectivity processes in settings with complex interpersonal dynamics! Outside of the lab, I enjoy literature, films, and playing piano.











Post-Doctoral Fellows

Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students

  • Seulmin Ahn
  • Laura Andrea
  • Julia Boggia
  • Erica Bossard
  • Elissa Brock
  • Jackie Brown
  • Sammy Cheaib
  • Miriam Cheety 
  • Marilena Cote-Lecaldare
  • Claudia Damiano
  • Julie-Ann Di Blasio
  • Catherine Dick
  • Charlotte Dingwall
  • Sarah Falk
  • Claire Fedoruk
  • Can Fenerci 
  • Trevor Friesen
  • Julia Fuoco
  • Alexa Giannelia 
  • Lisa-Marie Giorgio
  • Julia Graff
  • Lauri Gurguryan
  • Lauren Guttman 
  • Shannon Harrington
  • Jessica Haight 
  • Nathan Zeplowitz
  • Monica Zhang
  • Nurin C.A. Holding
  • Idil Kilinc
  • Insub Kim
  • Jaclyn Kirstiuk
  • Iman Lahouaoula 
  • Olivia Larson
  • Olivia La Rue
  • Chloe Lau
  • Marianne Lau
  • Victoria Ledsham
  • Maria Leis
  • Noa Levin
  • Mona Li
  • Yun Li
  • Yuqi Lin
  • Man Lu Liu
  • Lovisa Ljungberg
  • Kelly Ma
  • Soraya Mamiche Afara
  • Rachel Markham
  • Ethan Mendell
  • Alexa Meuilleur
  • Jessica Michelin
  • Matthew Milton
  • Renee Yan
  • Ruidi Zhu
  • Eleanor Milman
  • Sarah Moliner-Roy
  • Jenna Morris
  • Mikoto Nakajima
  • Hayley Ostrega
  • Ilyada Ozdemir
  • Anjali Pandey
  • Kaitlyn Tan V. Ng
  • Dorsal Ranjbari
  • Coralie Riendeau
  • Alicia Rosenzveig
  • Laura Ruiz
  • Juliette Ryan-Lortie
  • Jonathan Parsons
  • Natasha Pestonji
  • Amrita Sandhu
  • Moataz Salim
  • Linda M. Seusan
  • Elana Shilling 
  • Grace Shin
  • Krysten Stadel
  • Kathleen Stewart 
  • Willa Voorhies
  • Sally Wong
  • Wook Yang
  • Shi Qi (Cindy) Zhu
  • Cynthia Larche
  • Abigail Jakus
  • Basile Favel
  • Yongyao (Carol) Li
  • Chloe Muller
  • Chloe Pappas
  • Emma Ponath
  • Sabrina Provencher
  • Colette Simon
  • Abigail Jakus
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