Why does it matter to faculty?

McGill’s exemplary faculty, more than 1,000 of whom have been recruited during the last decade, define and characterise the University. They have an impact on the academic units in which they teach, conduct research, administer their affairs collegially, and in which they, advise, mentor and supervise students. Teaching and academic leadership, as well as research and scholarship at McGill, depend on a robust, implementable and sustainable plan, and effective programs for supporting academic careers. That is why ASAP 2012 includes a wide range of actionable items to support faculty throughout their careers. Some items include:

    Increased mentoring and support for advancement of academic careers.

    ASAP 2012 will provide better support as you prepare for reappointment, tenure and promotion or to assume a position of academic leadership.

    Renewed emphasis on collaboration and cluster approaches.

    We will work to facilitate research and teaching collaborations between and among units and individuals.

    Increased recognition of research excellence.

    As a research-intensive University, we want to reward outstanding discoveries and better communicate about the contribution and quality of McGill faculty’s research. We will place a new emphasis on the recognition  and  awards in ways that reflect their representation across all groups.

    Appropriate preparation for using new technologies to improve teaching and learning.

    New technologies in the classroom will further promote student engagement, interaction and more effective communication between students and instructors.

    Recruitment of qualified women and under-represented minority candidates and foster their career advancement.

    Based on best practices and benchmarks for peer universities, ASAP 2012 prioritizes support for qualified women and under-represented minority candidates for positions of academic and administrative leadership.