The implementation of ASAP 2012 will involve every Faculty and administrative unit that will find appropriate ways to express at the local level the strategic objectives outlined in the plan. Implementation will reflect coordination with the new mutli-year, multi-fund Finance and Budget Model (FBM) project. The latter process includes performance measures derived from ASAP 2012 and other planning documents, including the SRP, Campaign McGill, and the University Master Plan. FBI strengthens the integration of operating and capital fund allocations and endowment and research funds in relation to strategic academic priorities.

 Implementation requires the following next steps: 

  • Coordinate priorities, themes, goals, objectives and actions with concrete measures in budget and resource allocation according to the Financial and Budget Integration process and timeline.
  • Extend planning and implementation exercises to all Faculties and large administrative units as the interpret ASAP 2012 in local contexts.
  • Ensure that alignment of planning efforts have precise timing and defined duration.

 Watch this space for more information and periodic updates as these plans develop.

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