Do you know . . .

                     Do you know where you're going to?
                     Do you like the things that life is showing you
                     Where are you going to? Do you know? *


Do you know . . .



That the Arts Internship Office offers two types of internships?
With an organization anywhere in the world
With a professor doing high level research

That there are awards available for both?
Arts Internship Awards
Arts Research Internship Awards (ARIA)





Do you know . . .


That internships are now an integral part of undergraduate programs at North America’s top universities?

That most top graduate programs and leading employers require that you have completed at least one internship?

That the opportunities the Faculty of Arts provides are unparalleled in their breadth and diversity both at McGill and across Canada?

That to date 673 Arts Internship Awards have been given out representing a total of $1.3M.

That there is the Arts Internship Alumni Network, a social media platform that lets you talk to former interns about how an internship can fit into your educational and career goals?

That the Faculty of Arts also stands alone nationally in the scope and extent of services and the support system it provides you before, during, and when you return from your internship?

That these include:

An annual Information Session to publicize internship and fellowship opportunities and explaining the application process
A comprehensive database of international internship and fellowship  opportunities
Information and assistance in choosing an appropriate placement
Online and printed materials that cover topics including goals and expectations, networking, CVs and cover letters, organizing finances, and planning a budget and timelines
Mandatory pre-departure sessions for new interns, that include experts from Foreign Affairs Canada who explain visa and travel documentation; medical professionals who address health concerns and required inoculations; and experienced former interns who offer advice and answer questions
Mandatory cross-cultural training workshops that feature expert consultants on cultural sensitivity, stages of adaptation, etc.
Opportunities for students to meet with faculty and former interns who know the region in which you will work and/or who have worked at the same organization
Regular communication with fellow students while you are on your internship
24/7 availability for you while you are on your internship
Mandatory post-return debrief and reintegration session that allows you to share your experience and concerns
An annual fall event at which you may share your experience with fellow students
Ongoing support for you to continue projects and network with other students
An opportunity to earn academic credit for your experience


                                    Arts Research Internship Awards (ARIA)

Do you know . . .


That an Arts Research Internship Award (ARIA) provides support for you to undertake research during the summer under the direct supervision of a faculty member?

That you will be trained in library and other research techniques through the Library’s MyArts Research program and will receive a certificate of completion?

That you will engage in a high level of scholarship that will give you a taste of what graduate studies and a career in academia will be like?

That you will gain research and analytical skills directly relevant to your discipline?

That you will learn the research methodologies used in your field?


That you will make a real contribution to your professor’s research?

That you will benefit from a mentorship that will last a lifetime?

That you will learn how to create a poster (140 x 110 cm) that summarizes your research?

That you will, if you so choose, have the opportunity to present your research at the Annual Undergraduate Research Event?

That since 2010, 169 Arts Research Internship Awards have been given representing a total of $696,000.


*Theme from Mahogany (1975).  Written by Gerald Goffin and Michael Masser.  Recorded by Diana Ross.