Arts Ambassador Program

The Arts Ambassador Program provides students with the opportunity to develop hands-on training in journalism, public relations, and communications. Working closely with the Faculty of Arts’ communication team, students learn how to pitch articles and write different styles of journalistic pieces, covering a wide range of topics related to the arts, social sciences and humanities. Participating student will write and submit four articles throughout the academic year. Upon completion of the program, students will be recognized on the McGill Co-Curricular Record (CCR).

View some of their work here.

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Meet the 2018-2019 Arts Ambassadors

Alexandrine Royer

My name is Alexandrine Royer and I am a fourth year undergraduate student at McGill University, pursuing a double major in History and Anthropology. Born in France, raised in the UK and a long-time resident of Montreal, I like to think of myself as a hybrid Anglophone and Francophone, generally communicating in franglais. If you are looking to discuss world history, the role of women in society, activism and the intersection between technology and culture – or are in need of a good coffee shop recommendation - just give me a shout!

Amy Hauer

Amy Hauer is in her second year at McGill, and is majoring in Psychology and minoring in Communications. She is from Princeton, New Jersey.

Cameron Lee

My name is Cameron Lee, and I am a third year student, majoring in International Development Studies and minoring in Social Entrepreneurship and Hispanic Studies. Being a Korean-Canadian, I have always maintained a close relationship with my native culture in addition to embracing my identity as a Canadian. In the future, I hope to be able to create a valuable way to bring social benefit, which transcends cultural differences and strengthens collective harmony.

Clara Le Cannellier

My name is Clara Le Cannellier and I’m a third year student at McGill, currently majoring in International Development and minoring in Spanish and Communications. I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and raised by French parents in Chicago, USA. Needless to say, languages and cultures are important to me! I aim to pursue a career in law as a judge but until then, catch me studying, playing intramurals with friends, and binge-watching some lawyerly shows (and Game of Thrones, of course).

Hana Shiraishi

My name is Hana Shiraishi, and I am a third year student majoring in Environment and minoring in World Cinemas. I am half-American and half-Japanese born, raised in Yokohama, Japan, where I attended international school all my life. I am passionate about cultural communication, gender/sexuality, filmmaking, and songwriting, just to name a few!

Kharoll-Ann Souffrant

Kharoll-Ann Souffrant is a Master of Social Work Candidate (with a Graduate Option in Gender and Women’s Studies) at McGill University. Her thesis focuses on social responses to disclosures of sexual violence experiences by women survivors.

Lorene de Gouvion Saint Cyr

Lorene is a fourth year student in History and Political science. She specialized in political theory and on Middle East topics, and completed a semester of exchange in Iran. She carries a special interest in journalism and particularly photojournalism.

Pency Tang

My name is Pency Tang and I am a third year student majoring in Industrial Relations and minoring in Communications, hoping to graduate by the end of the academic year. A Gemini with a natural curiosity towards everything, but most of which are reading, music and K-pop. I aspire to be someone unique, I just don't know how it's going to turn out – yet!

Sky Shi

My name is Sky Shi and I'm a third year International Development student, minoring in Social Entrepreneurship. I've been living in Montreal for 16 years and absolutely love this city. Apart from the Ambassador Program, I'm currently involved with the China-Canada Junior Chamber of Commerce, as a Government and Media Relations Manager. In my spare time, I enjoy playing soccer, spending time with my friends and  family and reading. Please reach out if you'd like me to write about anything in particular!

What are Arts Ambassadors?

Arts Ambassadors are students who love sharing experiences and are excited to show the diverse offerings of the Faculty of Arts to other McGill students and the world at large. Keen to share their passion for their studies, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, they will have the opportunity do so via the official Faculty of Arts websites and social media channels.

Just as the student body is made up of a diverse mix of backgrounds, cultures and aspirations, our Ambassadors also illustrate the incredible plurality of the Faculty of Arts. These students will gain valuable mentorship, and walk away with concrete experience in content creation, public relations and marketing. This is a volunteer position, and will be included in your co-curricular profile.

Become an Arts Ambassador


  • Content creation: Arts Ambassadors love to write, take photographs, create videos and share their experiences online. All ambassadors are required to contribute to the Faculty of Arts blog, and social media accounts in English and/or French. Blog posts/articles can be written about anything pertaining to Arts students: departmental events, student profiles, faculty interviews, alumni success stories, etc. Photo essays will also be accepted. Ambassadors will pitch their ideas to the Communications Officer or Communications Assistant, and will receive valuable feedback and editing on all pieces submitted. There is no maximum number of articles per semester, but we ask for a minimum of three.
  • Instagram curation: For Ambassadors who love photography and can't stop posting on Instagram, we will also have opportunities available for the curation of the @McGillArts Instagram account. This will rotate monthly. Photographic samples are required.
  • Faculty of Arts events: Student Ambassadors will be called upon to attend and cover events taking place across the Faculty of Arts.

The Arts Ambassador role is perfect for students who are keen to improve their PR, marketing or journalism skills, or want a taste of what it would be like to work as a community manager, freelance writer or photographer.


You can apply by filling out our application form (below). We also require writing and photographic (optional) samples. The Faculty of Arts Communications Team will select our Student Ambassadors based on academic standing, writing skills, vim and vigor. Bilingualism is a huge asset but not required.

If you have any questions, please contact marilyn.santucci [at] (Marilyn Santucci).

Apply to become an Arts Ambassador.

I.e. Second year student in Philosophy with a minor in Hispanic Studies.
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100 word maximum
This should be distinct from your academic background. You can include information like where you grew up, your interests and hobbies, your career aspirations, and why you chose to study Arts at McGill. This text will be used in your profile on the website if you are nominated as a Student Ambassador.
These can be from student newspapers, or any other sample that will show your ability to write engaging content. If these have been published online, please include the link in the document. You should upload both samples in a single document.
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