James McGill Professors

The James McGill Professor award recognizes a senior scholar’s status as an outstanding and original researcher of world-class caliber and an international leader in his or her field similar to that of a CRC Tier 1 chair holder. James McGill Professors must be tenured full professors. Their award will be held for a seven-year term, and is renewable once upon performance review.

Shelley Clark, Sociology

Diane Desrosiers, Langue et littérature françaises

Carlos Fraenkel, Jewish Studies

John A. Hall, Sociology

Allan Hepburn, English

Thomas Lamarre, East Asian Studies

Ngo Van Long, Economics

Stephen Menn, Philosophy 

T.V. Paul, Political Science

Vincent Pouliot, Political Science 

Christine Ross, Art History & Communication Studies

Michael Smith, Sociology

Jonathan Sterne, Art History & Communication Studies

Will Straw, Art History & Communication Studies

Lydia White, Linguistics

Robert Wisnovsky, Institute of Islamic Studies

Robin Yates, East Asian Studies

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