Semester Exchange Inbound

Each year, McGill University receives students from Shantou University for a semester, read their stories below!


Fall semester

Five (5) students from Shantou University studied at McGill as visiting students for one semester, from September to December, 2018. They are: Minsi Huang, Yongqi Lu, Xiaobing Li, Jiayan Liang, and Jingfei Shi (from left to right in the photo below)

“One of the highlights of this program I believe is intercultural exchange and intercultural learning……participating in this visiting program is like opening an intercultural party for me and my McGill friends. Everyone brings their favorite and unique cultural traits to share, and each person benefits from other’s contribution or can take come new learnings back home.” – Jingfei Shi, B.A. in English language and literature.

“Learning at McGill University was actually a very enjoyable experience for me. The study atmosphere was free and positive. Students were encouraged to speak out their thoughts and questions while having courses and suitable learning guiding was given to students. Almost every course had at least one TA for student tutoring. From my perspective, the biggest challenge was the heavy workload.” - Yongqi Lu, B.A. in Public Administration.


Fall semester

Five (5) Shantou students are at McGill until December 2017. Minghui Huang, Major in Public Affairs Management; Zhiqiao Lin, Major English language and literature; Pingping Tang, Major English language and literature; Luyu Zeng, Major English language and literature; and Hongru Zheng, Major Public Administration.


Fall semester

Five (5) Shantou University students studied in the Faculty of Arts during the fall 2016 semester. Zisang Polly Chen and Jin Alice Yuan major in English language and literature at the College of Liberal Arts while Fenfang Emily Liao, Lepai Weng and Shimin Zhan study Public Affairs Administration in the Law School.

“Exchanging [at] McGill, I got to make new friends from different cultural backgrounds. McGill is a good university where you develop your academic career, get a cultural understanding and make best memories of your university life.” – Lepai Weng

“This exchange experience has changed me and has a positive impact on my life. I [will] continue to explore more amazing experiences and know more excellent people. Lastly, I do love my friends and Montreal!!!” – Fenfeng Emily Liao

Winter semester

Shantou students Mengzhi Chen and Lawrence Li, both from Shantou University’s Public Affairs Administration department, spent winter 2016 at the Faculty of Arts.


Fall semester

Bitao Cheng is a student in the College of Liberal Arts at Shantou University. In addition to studying Language and Literature, she has a great interest in Theatre Studies. While at McGill she is enrolled in  Clown and Mask, Stage Scenery and Lighting I, and Theatre History: The Long 18th Century.  She has experience in working in drama programs as an actress and a director at Shantou University, and is now learning about production side of the theatre, including stage setting, lighting and acting.




Haojie Wang is a junior in English Literature at Shantou University. Her interests include reading, hiking and cycling. She is fond of literature, so while at McGill she is taking American Literature and Introduction to Shakespeare. Exploring the world of literature gives her a refreshing feeling. She also has a particular interest in Canadian culture so she has also enrolled in Introduction to Indigenous Studies.




Chuchu Xie is a student in Public Administration at Shantou University. She is enjoying the summer and fall weather in Montreal and looks forward to the winter. Fascinated by the unique French-Canadian culture in Montreal, she is taking Beginners French and intends to continue learning the language when she returns to China. To better understand Canada while at McGill she is taking a course on Canadian Government and is exploring how democracy works in a federal state. She also feels very fortunate to be able to witness the Canadian Federal election in October 2015, which will help her to see how her theoretical knowledge applies to real political life.

Winter semester

Jiawei Li is a senior student in Public Administration at Shantou University. As a girl born in South-East China, who had never seen snow before, a Montreal winter with its cold temperatures and frequent snowfalls is a new experience for her and something she will remember always. While at McGill University, she is continuing her studies in Political Science, taking courses on contemporary Europe and political behavior in Canada. To widen her sphere of knowledge, she is also taking a course in the Department of Psychology on Personality. She takes advantage of every chance she has to get to know the city. She is fascinated by the brilliant Notre-Dame Basilica and impressed by how friendly everyone is here.

Kaiying Yang is a senior majoring in Law with a minor in International Economics and Trade. Her particular interests are in international trade laws, investment laws, and Alternate Dispute Resolution processes and techniques. She also has a passion for learning languages. She has been studying French in Shantou since the fall of 2014 and will continue to do so while at McGill this semester. During her time at McGill she will increase her knowledge of Canadian law, and French and local culture. She also take advantage of the many multi-cultural experiences available at McGill to broaden her knowledge of other cultures.


Fall semester

Weijun Liang

Weijun Liang is pursuing his BA in English Literature at Shantou University. It is his excellent academic performance which has earned him scholarships every academic year and now this opportunity to study abroad. Liang has a keen interest in literature in English and therefore, in addition to a writing course, he is enrolled in Introduction to English Literature I and Introduction to American Literature, which surveys American literature from 1950 to the present, focusing on key works in several major literary movements.  To make the most of his time at McGill, he is also participating in a broad range of activities on campus. Through his daily interactions and the exchange of ideas with his fellow students and his professors, he hopes both to discover the commonalities and to build bridges between Canadian and Chinese cultures. He yearns for a special and unforgettable cultural experience. In his spare time, he enjoys exploring Montreal, communicating with people from different countries, and taking photos of Montreal’s gorgeous scenery.

Ziyuan Yang

Ziyuan Yang is in his final year in the College of Liberal Arts at Shantou University.  He will graduate in June 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. Besides English language and literature, his academic interests include Cultural Studies and Sociology. In addition to a writing course, he is currently enrolled in Introduction to English Literature I, and Introduction to Cultural Studies at McGill, a course which focuses on the concept and definition of popular culture over the last century. This complements his previous work that includes a team project he led that focused on a Chaoshan woman who is skilled at making joss money, a handicraft which plays a significant role in the lives of the population he studied. While at McGill, he will explore the university not only as a school but also as a community and will take advantage of the many opportunities available to discuss and exchange opinions with his fellow students from Quebec and around the world. His pursuit of knowledge both inside and beyond the classroom is derived from his commitment to live and work for people in a larger context.


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