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Intensive Chinese Language Program at Shantou University

Due to travel restrictions, the Intensive Chinese Language program will be held online in May 2023, as the Chinese Online Immersion summer course. 

Please visit the Chinese Online Immersion summer Course page to learn about this great opportunity to improve your Chinese skills in an online immersive environment!


This program provides students with an immersion setting at both micro and macro levels to study Chinese with a special focus on oral skills and cultural literacy. Students accepted in this program will spend four (4) weeks at Shantou University and are expected to take full advantage of the Chinese language and cultural environment by engaging in the classroom and extra-curricular activities as well as in the off-campus excursions.


Due to travel restrictions, the Intensive Chinese Language program will be held online in May 2023, as the Online Immersion Summer Course. 

Please visit this page to learn about this great opportunity to improve your Chinese skills in an online immersive environment!

Questions? Contact us at shantou.arts [at] mcgill.ca

Application Process 

For more information on applying to the 2023 Online Immersion Summer Course, please consult this page. (Applications will open in January 2023)


Write to shantou.arts [at] mcgill.ca


May 2019 recipients

The following 13 McGill Arts students went to Shantou University for the Chinese language program in May 2018: Hanna Paik, Alex Cao, Kate Reade, Lana Downs, Jia Kai Scott, Ashly Skye Vaudeville, Vladislava Guttenberg, Mia Myounghyo Ryu, Alazais Walters, Robin Decary-Kostiw, Enzo Gavazzi-Renaud, Baya Faure, Nicky Lee.

Field Trip to Xiamen City

“The program’s highlights are without a doubt the people I met. Experiencing the culture, a foreign academic system, visiting landmarks, amongst other things, are very memorable of the trip, but the people are the icing on the cake…… There have been memorable conversations, inside jokes about losing Wanglaoshi, birthday events, trips, group projects, and much more.” – Ashly Skye-Vaudeville, BA, East Asian Studies.

“As a first year student, I was certainly very excited to be given the opportunity to participate in the Shantou Exchange program, and the trip turned out to be a really great experience. While one month is certainly short, having the opportunity to travel to Southern China and become acquainted with the culture and locals is certainly worthwhile.” – Kai Scott, BA, International Development Studies and Economics.


Chinese Culture Activities

“I must say that, to me, the program’s greatest attribute is the way in which it allowed me to practice my Mandarin in such a welcoming and cheerful setting. The kindness of all the locals I met throughout that month in China, and their willingness to help me improve truly made me all the more willing to go out of my way to improve my Mandarin” – Alex Cao, BA, Political Science and International Development Studies.

“What was great about this trip was being able to settle into a community and really get a taste of life of a Chinese university student, while also getting to go on trips every weekend to still get some sightseeing in and see different aspects of the culture.” – Lana Downs, BA, Psychology.


McGill Students with Local Tutors

“I think the balance between formal classroom and buddy-system learning was excellent. In the morning, we would learn useful grammar points that really enriched the ways I could express myself in. In the afternoon, we learned more casually and freely about expressions that were closer to our own areas of interests with our tutors.” – Hanna Paik, BA, East Asian Studies.

“What I absolutely loved about staying there was that, unlike in major cosmopolitan Chinese cities I had been to, like Beijing or Shanghai, Shantou locals were beyond understanding and motivating when I tried speaking with them in Mandarin. This made the learning environment safe and beyond enjoyable…… I can confirm that after a month there, I am much more confident in speaking Chinese and am more motivated than ever to keep this going.” – Baya Faure, BA, International Development, minor in Arts History.

May 2018 recipients

The following 20 McGill Arts students went to Shantou University for the Chinese language program in May 2018:

Morgane Gouilloud, Megan Krasnodembaski, Anthony Kuan, Gabriela McGuinty, Charles Sirisawat-Larouche, Sebastian Sorger, Stephanie Susinski, Melanie Vincelette-Bergeron, Kamryn Yuen, Juliette Graf, Mathilde Hourticq, Elsasoa Jousse, Marine Loison, Octavia Maes, Nitay Bar-El, SeungGyu Kim, Hansol Park, Emily Chen, Zoe Countess, Finnley MacKillop.

“The highlights of the trip for me were the off-campus excursions. We were taken to Shantou, Chao Zhou, Xiamen, Gu Lang Yu, and Nan Ao. All these places were stunning and allowed me to explore more of China, be exposed to other dialects of Chinese, and be exposed to the diverse cultures across different places within China.” – Nitay Bar-el, BA, Economics, minor in Computer Science and Language and Literature.

“I think this program was valuable to me because I have gained some cultural fluency and it has helped my mandarin most by shortening the processing time most beginner language learners experience when trying to comprehend speech.” – Zoe Countess, BA, Linguistics and East Asian Studies.

Paper Cutting Art Activity

“I was not only striving for the betterment of my language skills but also for some form of cultural literacy: the interactive activities that we had each week introduced Chinese arts to us, the professors and a new Chinese friend made me taste local cuisine.” – Elsasoa Jousse, BA, English Literature, minor in East Asian Language and Literature.

“As a shyer person in general this trip I really wanted to go that extra step and really try to speak to native Chinese speakers as much as possible. As a result my fluency has definitely improved as well as my confidence in my Chinese, especially after the numerous proud moments where I successfully carried out full conversations in Chinese with locals.” – Megan Krasnodembski, BA, International Development, minor in Political Science and East Asian Language and Literature.

Interactive Activity – Introducing Canadian/McGill Culture to Shantou University

“I found that the program effectively combined effective linguistic training with rich cultural exposure. Weekly presentations by McGill and Shantou University students on various aspects of Chinese and Western life facilitated meaningful cultural exchanges and promoted a sense of cultural awareness among both students and faculty.” – Anthony Kuan, BA, History, minor in East Asian Language and Literature, and Political Science.

Field Trip to Shantou City

“I was able to also meet local people, mostly students, and form relationships with them. This is extremely valuable to me as it enabled me to form personal ties with this country thus giving me even more reasons to want to come back to China.” – Mathilde Hourticq, BA, Political Science, minor in East Asian Language and International Development Studies.

May 2017 recipients

The following 18 McGill Arts students went to Shantou University for the Chinese language program in May 2017:

Oscar Beghin, Day Cottrell, Adrian D’Souza, Louise Efthimiou, Shinnel Ferary, Laura Gormley, Coco Jones, Tofunmi Kuti, Ryan London, Christopher MacDonald, Orla Magill, Natasha Ovchinnikova, Hair Parra Barrera, Laurel Stewart, Phillip Swart, Ece Taner, Kanako Watanabe, and Ashly Wei-Yun Yu.


May 2016 recipients

The following 19 McGill Arts students participated in May 2016’s edition of the program:
Coralie Boulard, Jean-Félix Caron, David Caron, Sophia Davis, Gabriel Downs, Carlotta Esposito, Julia Faure, Emily Jane Ho-Tai, Sohee Kim, Svetlana Komarova, Naima Kraushaar-Friesen, Ester Lee, Jason Li, Capucine Lorber, Sophia Nicholson, Hae Lang Park, Melodie

May 2015 recipients

The following 18 McGill Arts students went to Shantou University for the Chinese language program in May 2017:

George Almyroudis, Marion Campoux-Pellegrin, Sophie Gagnon-Sylvestre, Qirui Gao, Jenna Khamis, Alderic Leahy, Julie Levert-Cui, May Lim, Sonia Masi, Malaya Powers, Wang Pok Bernard Wong, Lea Gruyelle, So Hee Maeng, Wei Shi Lai, Sophia Davis, Patrick Germain, Suzanne Holcomb, Benjamin Percifield. 


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